Car Wash Safety – A Car Wash Operator’s Guide to Safety

Commercial car washes have many potential accident spots, with cars constantly moving around, together with the ever-present dangers of chemical hazards and moving machinery. There are different types of commercial carwash: the conveyorized/tunnel car wash, the automatic car wash, and self-service car wash. Although there are significant differences in design between them, many of the [...]

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Touchfree Car Wash – The Ultimate Guide to Touchfree Car Wash

There is lots of positivity around the car wash industry at the moment. From the UK, to US and even new emerging markets, car wash businesses are perfectly positioned to capitalise on new opportunities with consumers and clients. New add-on services, better technology and equipment, increased consumer disposal incomes, more cars on the road, and [...]

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Marketing Tips for Car Wash Businesses

Marketing is vital for any business. It helps attract new customers and keep current customers happy. But getting marketing right is no easy task. It is always changing and can be hard for busy car wash operators to keep up-to-date with what’s working and what isn’t. With a million and one other things happening at [...]

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We Have Moved!

PSD Codax is excited to report that due to the growth of our organisation we have established a new corporate headquarters! Please note that the address of our new corporate headquarters is: Axis 8, Hawkfield Business Park Hawkfield Way Whitchurch Bristol BS14 0BY UK Our telephone number remains the same: +44 (0) 1275 866 910 [...]

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Tunnel Car Wash Systems – A Beginner’s Guide to Tunnel Car Wash Systems

Car wash operators have the tough decision of choosing the type(s) of car wash system that they think is most suitable for the business they’re running. Tunnel/Conveyor, Automatic and Self-Service all bring with them advantages and disadvantages, so its important operators understand which option is likely to generate the best results for them and their [...]

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Caring for a Car in Winter – 8 Tips for Looking After a Car in Winter

As winter approaches and temperatures drop, keeping your car in tiptop working order takes on more importance than normal because the weather puts more strain on your car, its bodywork, engine and component parts. For so many of us these days, a car contributes significantly to making both our working and family lives function smoothly: [...]

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What Makes a Good Car Wash Location? 7 Things to Consider

With people’s lives as busy as they are and with cars and vehicles such an expensive commodity, anything that can help the individual save time whilst simultaneously looking after one of their most prized assets is going to be a winner. This is why car washes have become increasingly popular over recent years and are [...]

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People Management and Car Washes – An Operator’s Simple Guide

The secret to running a successful car wash business is primarily knowing how to manage people. You may well have a top of the range car wash system in place but if you don’t know how to keep both your customers and employees happy, your business is going to struggle to flourish. Below are some [...]

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