While the Auto Sentry flex is delivering your car wash’s personalized presentation, a two lane Auto Passport system can process more than 30,000 cars in one month.

Get the RFID Advantage with the Auto Passport System

With RFID technology, we can identify each vehicle that passes through the wash.  The data is time stamped and stored for reporting. This all happens automatically, without user interaction.

With an RFID system, you know which specific vehicle has pulled onto your lot. It’s far better than magnetic stripe cards that can be used by anyone. Now that you know the vehicle, what you do with it is up to you. Each vehicle can have its own wash options, upgrades, special pricing or even block certain options via the profile settings for the vehicle’s RFID tag. It’s fantastically flexible making life easier for your customers, providing the appropriate sales offerings defined by you.

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The Benefits of Auto Passport

Speedy and Convenient

  • RFID tags are better than bar codes due to their read /write capabilities, ability to store data that can be changed, updated, and locked.

Secure System

  • RFID tags have an electronic chip in them and are disabled automatically if tampered with or removed.
  • Clean over top of the RFID tags without disintegration.
  • A valid RFID tag is read by the RFID reader that automatically stamps the log data with the exact time and date.

Reliable Reads

  • Our antenna size restricts the read range in order to prevent an accidental read of the other lane’s RFID tag number.
  • RFID tags contain an enhanced chip for superior reads.


  • Active club members can visit your multi-locations.
  • Track vehicles for clubs and fleet accounts effortlessly.
  • Set up unlimited wash club programs with RFID tags and Profiles in WashConnect, and then benefit from the reoccurring monthly credit card funds from your wash club members.
  • WashConnect, the management system, provides management reports for RFID club and fleet members.
  • Provide select customers with special offerings by setting up a Profile associated with their RFID tag.
  • Use of RFID tags is a easy way to build customer loyalty.
  • The system has the flexibility to meet the operator’s needs.
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