1. The customer is greeted by a service adviser and can make their purchase with the greeter.
  2. They are guided onto the conveyor by an attendant who sometimes preps the vehicle.
  3. Attendant rides through the tunnel in customer’s vehicle then exits the wash.
  4. Attendant can park in a finishing area where employees hand-dry the vehicle and perform extra services like tire shine or hand-wax if purchased.

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  • Managing labor becomes easier at an exterior wash
    • There are fewer employee than at a full-service wash, and most of the employees work in the same location.
    • Removing production from certain exterior washes allows the wash to open earlier and stay open later, requiring just one or two employees.
  • Extra Services Increases the Average per Car Ticket
    • The ability to offer limited extra services increases the average per car ticket while reducing customer wait times. This adds value for the customer, and reduces the risk of sharing customers with other car washes in the area.


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