The touch screen solution to view and manage StackNControl.



Features & Benefits

  • Purchased Wash Services display on the Entrance screen.
  • View and Manage StackNControl from the Entrance Management Sign.
  • Animated Instructions to assist customers onto the conveyor.
  • Touch Screen (for Entrance Management sign).
  • Animated Count down and instructions to assist customers Exiting Tunnel.
  • Set retracts anywhere in the tunnel when necessary. Cancel and Fire Rollers with one quick touch on the screen. Environmental controls allow use within the wash tunnel.

Requirements & Specifications

  • Mass of Equipment (kg) Dimensions:
    • 130kg / 286 lbs
    • Base: H – 29 1/2”
    • Overall: H – 72” X W – 291/8” X D – 7”
    • Viewable Screen: H – 36 1/2” W – 20 1/2” tall = 42” Diagonal
  • Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs): 11
  • Multiple Mains Connections:
    • 2 – 115 VAC
    • One battery conditioned
    • One unconditioned
  • Rated Voltage or Voltage Range: 100-240 VAC
  • Rated Frequency Range: 50 / 60 Hz
  • Requires Cat 5 network cable from network switch

Car Wash Forecourt Signs

Manage car entrances and exits with simple but effective forecourt signs. Improve customer experience by delivering a more efficient service in the forecourt. Animated videos help avoid confusion or errors during car washes and help customers feel confident and relaxed during their time at your car wash. This is particularly effective for onboarding new customers and visitors to the car wash.

For wash tunnels, exit signs can also help inform customers of the next steps, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free wash (for both customers and staff). This also presents opportunities for upsells and cross-sells with other services available. Synced with the car wash controls, the integration between signs and car wash services helps deliver exceptional performance.

Car wash entrance and exit management signs help reduce queuing and help improve the management of vehicles in the forecourt. By providing clear value for the customer, entry and exit signs help increase the lifetime value of customers and help encourage repeat visits from first time customers.