• The customer pulls into a wash bay and gets out of the vehicle.
  • Using cash or a credit card, they activate the wash equipment.
  • The customer washes their own vehicle using a soft bristle brush, a high pressure water nozzle / chemical applicator, and sometimes additional accessories like a triple foam applicator, or a blower to dry the vehicle.
  • There are also self-service vacuums on the site for customers to use.
  • Pricing is based on time, not specific wash services, which is unlike other washes.
  • Self-service car washes often have additional profit centers like vending or an in-bay automatic car wash.

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  • A Self-Service Wash has the Least Operational Complexity
    • Self-service car washes require much less building structure and equipment making them less expensive to build. They can be operated with little or no staff, allowing for 24 hour operation. There are almost no damage claims as the customer is doing all of the work. There are very few limitations on what vehicles can be washed at the facility, and the equipment requires substantially less maintenance than tunnel or in-bay washes.

Flex-Service Product Solutions