Linking Codax™ equipment with your Point of Sale (POS) system provides accurate sales data for head office whilst simplifying security and audit and opening more opportunities for your staff to sell carwash and valet services.

Simplifying the Retail Environment

Working with Point of Sale (POS) system manufacturers, we have created simple integration options so you can collect sales data or sell carwashes from almost any sales desk.

We have solutions for older POS equipment, providing tighter security and revenue protection. For newer systems, almost all of the Codax functionality can be accessed from the POS terminal itself, making space savings and further simplifying the experience for staff.

Codax Code Generator

Flexible, networked integration

For the greatest simplicity in-store, you can use your standard POS system to sell carwash programs and to print the access codes for your customers. In this way carwashes and valet services are automatically included in your sales data. Shrinkage is also avoided, as car wash codes are only ever issued as part of a sale.

All of your carwashes and other services can be programmed into your POS system and presented through menus in the way your staff find most intuitive. When a sale is made, the POS system requests the appropriate type of code from the Codax control unit.

Because many POS systems already include the software (DLLs) required to communicate with a Codax Code Generator all you need to do is connect it to your local area network.

Integration for Older Tills

Multiple options from PSD Codax

If you have an older type of till that is not suited to full integration, Codax offers options for link-ups that generate sales data and/or provide protection against shrinkage:

If your sole objective is to gather sales data, your staff can continue using the Codax terminal directly to generate carwash codes, while simple barcode emulation feeds the product details back to the till for easy sale and reporting.

If you are more concerned with eliminating deliberate misuse – and genuine mistakes – Codax terminals can be configured to issue a code only when the till has recorded a completed transaction. This form of integration is secure and easy to achieve; the Codax system continues to handle all of the program selection, code generation, printing (optional) and code verification functions.

How can we help you integrate Codax to your retail systems? Please contact us to discuss your requirements.