1. The customer pulls up to an unattended terminal and purchases their wash selection.
  2. All extra services like tire shine, wheel cleaning, and surface protectants are purchased at the terminal and performed on-line or in the tunnel.
  3. Customers are guided onto the conveyor by an attendant.
  4. Customers ride through the tunnel then exit the wash.
  5. Customers may take advantage of free, self-service vacuums that are usually provided.
  6. Offer customers a Towel Exchange Program.

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  • Express Exterior Washes are Easier to Manage
    • At an express exterior wash, labor becomes almost a fixed expense. The replacement of service advisers and production employees with automation reduces your labor requirement to only two or three employees on site. This allows longer hours of operation and fewer employees on the payroll.
    • Low price points and free vacuums produce extremely high volumes. Express exterior washes are much easier to manage making them easier to replicate at multiple locations.
  • Customer Satisfaction
    • The top three complaints historically from full-service car wash customers are speed of service, quality of vacuuming, and quality of interior window washing. All three of these complaints disappear as the wash usually takes only three to five minutes, and the customer is responsible for vacuuming and window washing.

Express Exterior Product Solutions

Entrance & Exit Management Sign

Auto Passport

Tunnel Master


Auto Sentry Flex

AS® Flex

AS® Petro

Digital Menu Sign