The PSD Codax Marketing Team offer a full range of sophisticated, compelling, and effective custom graphics, video and promotional packages.

Grow Your Brand

These tools help you attract new customers, build loyalty with existing customers, and connect with your community.

Display your logo, colour schemes, signage and brand image throughout your site and on marketing materials to consistently promote your car wash.

Custom Graphics

Transform your artwork into powerful banding ideas and tools. Work with PSD Codax’s Marketing Team for logo creation, decals, menu designs, banded gift cards and more.

Custom Videos

Engage customers at your Auto Sentry kiosks with customised welcome videos and guide them through wash package purchases, upgrades and special promotions.

Car Wash Marketing and Promotion

Benefit from developing a brand people remember. Our marketing tools here at PSD Codax help your carwash stand out in the marketplace and develop a lasting impression with your customers. This helps ensure your business is the one they remember when thinking of getting their car washed.

Maintain your brand imagery and graphics across all channels, including websites, social media, forecourt signage and on the kiosks. Custom graphics allow you to engage with customers like never before and manage the forecourt in a way that also emphasises your brand.

Discover the benefits of effective car wash marketing with the help from our professional team, who will ensure you are equipped with the very best promotional and marketing material to use.

These marketing tools will ensure that all future promotional campaigns have the best shot at attracting and converting new customers to your car wash.