Flex-service washes will often offer additional services such as impulse items in the lobby area, food, and in some cases, a lube center.


  1. Customer drives onto the lot and is greeted by a service adviser or an unattended terminal that recommends car wash services to them.
  2. Customer has a choice of purchasing an exterior wash only, express detail services, or a full-service wash.
  3. The customer drives through the wash tunnel in their vehicle.
  4. Exterior Wash Customers:
  • Take advantage of free, self-service vacuums that are sometimes made available to customers.


  • Simply exit the tunnel, and then exit the wash.

Full-Service or Express Detail Customers:

  • Drive vehicles to a finishing area.
  • Get out of the vehicle and wait in a lobby area.
  • Employees complete the full-service or express detail services that were purchased.
  • Employees call customers to receive their clean vehicle.
  • Customer exits the wash.

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  • Managing Labor Becomes Much Easier
    • With a Flex-Service carwash, all of the production employees are now in the same location. Plus, you simply don’t need as much labor to handle higher volume levels, and you have the ability to regulate the flow of traffic through the detail center with price.
  • Customer Convenience
    • Customers appreciate the convenience of purchasing a full service wash when they need it and have the time to wait. When they don’t, they can simply get the exterior wash, and get on their way.
    • Either way, you are able to serve both segments of the market and not risk sharing customers with another carwash.
  • Flexibility
    • Separating production from exterior washing also allows the wash to open earlier and stay open later for exterior only washes; requiring just one or two employees. Lastly, the ability to offer express detail services increases the average per car ticket. Not as high a ticket as traditional full service, but higher than an exterior wash.

Flex-Service Product Solutions


Digital Menu Sign

Auto Passport

Auto Sentry Flex

AS® Flex

Entrance & Exit Management Sign

AS® Petro

Tunnel Master