The secure cashless payment terminal with secure customer card holding; keeping your customer’s data safe.

The New Cashless Terminal

The ALL NEW Auto Sentry Petro payment terminal will take your car wash program to the next level!

  • Available in multiple languages
  • Solve the credit card payment liability shift and secure cardholder data breach problem with an EMV and PCI-compliant solution
  • Monitor your car wash operations with full data network visibility and connectivity
  • Real-time system alerts of the device and wash bay unit
  • Achieve increased revenue and profits with fuel system interface
  • Leverage robust cross marketing strategies with custom branding
  • Streaming video and audio can be fully customized

The ALL NEW Auto Sentry Petro features the following advances:

  • 15” sunlight-readable touchscreen display
  • Multiple EMV solutions with mobile wallet acceptance
  • New customer-friendly ergonomic design
  • Optional onboard camera for increased security
  • Optional barcode reader for wash codes featured in mobile apps and on receipts
  • Optional card dispenser for gift, book or loyalty card programs

Cashless Car Wash Payment Terminal Kiosk

Offering cashless car wash payments helps leverage consumer buying preferences as well as helping improve operational efficiency in the forecourt. Reduce queuing by speeding up the payment process, whilst also giving customers peace of mind with a secure payment option.

A cashless payment terminal is the perfect option for busy car washes that are looking for a reliable payment management system that allows them to scale. Let customers tap, swipe or insert their card or even use their phone for payments, improving the customer experience during checkout.

Cashless payments also reduce the need for cash handling and the administrative tasks associated with this.