Business Models for Car Wash Access Systems

With over 25 years of experience, PSD Codax are the leading force behind innovations in access control systems for carwash and valet services. Our products provide adaptability and security, cementing ourselves as the first choice for customers and retailers across the globe.

Browse our business models to find the one that’s right for you. No matter the choice, our services are designed to supply your customers with an uncompromised experience that delivers the best results.

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Tunnel and Conveyor Business Models

Tunnel and conveyor business models are one of the most common business models, operating through the placement of the vehicle onto a conveyor belt. Unlike other business models, there are lots of options for tunnel and conveyor car washes, and they can be broken down into several categories.

Express Exterior

Express exterior business models are valuable for their lower labour expenses, higher volume, and increased levels of customer satisfaction. Learn more about the various benefits of this model.


The exterior business model is renowned for its high levels of customer service, featuring greeting service advisors. It has fewer employees than a full-service car wash, and optional extra services increase the ticket average per customer along with their satisfaction. Find out more about this model.


The main advantages of flex-service business models are an increase in customer convenience, flexibility of services which allows for longer operationality, and an increase in ease of labour management due to the location of the service being condensed. Learn more about flex-service models.


The full-service business model gives a customer the full package. They have the highest ticket average per car, feature welcoming customer interaction, and encourage customer loyalty which is invaluable in diminishing the effect of competitors. Find out more about full-service models.

Car Wash Access Systems for Petrol Stations

With a ‘Petro’ business model, you can allow your customers to pay for a car wash service through their fuel pump, or via the cashier. The key benefits of a Petrol Station/Petro business model are:

  • Conveniency. The customer can add their car wash purchase to an existing sale.
  • Profitability. The business owner can enjoy high-margin incremental profits.
  • Locational flexibility. The system is designed to allow for both nearby and outlying car wash systems.

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The In-bay Automatic Business Model

PSD Codax offer car wash access systems for In-bay Automatic (Rollover) business models, in which the car is parked in a wash bay and is cleaned automatically. An In-bay Automatic business model comes with a number of benefits, including:

  • Price. This type of car wash is cheaper for business owners to build than many other models.
  • Footprint. An In-bay Automatic car wash will take up less space.
  • 24-hour operation. They can be operated without full-time attendance.

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Self-Service Car Wash Access Systems

With a self-service car wash, you can leave the cleaning up to the customer, allowing them to make use of a number of cleaning features. Our self-service access systems are priced based on time, contrasting with our other systems. Some of the benefits of this model are:

  • Equipment. As the equipment is for self-service it is cheaper than if it were for an automatic car wash, and more easily replaceable.
  • Damage claims. As the customer is doing the work, you’re less likely to receive damage claims.
  • Limitations. The range of equipment available increases the functionality of this business model.

Find out more about the benefits and features of a self-service business model and how PSD Codax’s access systems accentuate these, or feel free to contact us today.

World Leading Car Wash Technology with PSD Codax

PSD Codax has been defining the world of car wash technology for over 25 years. As the most popular retailer for car wash access systems, we strive to continue innovating and excelling to ensure our product designs are the best they can be.

Our world-leading services provide the best coverage for whichever business model you decide to pursue. If you’re interested in how our access systems can push your car wash or valet business to the next level, contact us now. Otherwise feel free to check out some related blog posts.

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