When you are installing carwash and other forecourt equipment, you want to be sure that the entire solution will meet the customer’s requirements, but without creating unnecessary work or adding complexity that is hard to support.

Premium Products. Quality Support.

PSD Codax™ has become the market leader by providing installer and end customers with the best possible products and matching support.

We have designed our code access systems for ease of installation – on any carwash, jet wash or other forecourt equipment. That’s one reason why so many car wash engineers recommend Codax.

Another big plus for Codax is the reliability of our systems. Our controllers and retail systems have a reliable life many times longer than most forecourt equipment – so not only will your customers thank you when you re-fit an existing controller onto a replacement carwash, but you can also be content that you have avoided frustrating call-outs.

How we Support You

As a registered Codax installer your engineers will benefit from excellent technical training – typically at your premises or by accompanying us on-site. For larger organizations we are happy to create a ‘train the trainer’ program.

We will also give your sales staff full product training so you can answer all of your customers’ sales enquiries convincingly and knowledgeably.

Following your initial training, we provide telephone and email support.

How can we help you? Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.