Sell car washes at the fuel pumps or inside the petrol station with the cashier.


Customers can select and pay for their wash either through a prompt at the fuel pump or through the cashier in the petrol station.

Their receipt prints with a one-time use wash code that customer can redeem at the Auto Sentry in front of the wash. The customer may also purchase extras at the time of redemption and pay for those extras at the Autos Sentry.  The Auto Sentry loads the controller with the purchased wash package selection.


  1. Convenient for the customer to be able to add their wash to an existing sale.
  2. High-margin incremental profits for the business owner.
  3. The system can be set up with the wash next to the petrol station or in another location completely.

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  • Increase revenue through selling car washes at the petrol station and fuel pumps.
  • Convenient for customers to be able to make both purchases at one time, and the two profit centers share the same customer base.
  • Remotely connect to outside convenience stores with just about every POS register.
  • The remote feature uses a Virtual Private Network (VPN) which is a secure internet connection between the two sites so that the wash code information can be transferred in real time from system to system, regardless if its petrol station next door or miles away.
  • This business model can be an attractive incentive for service stations that have competitors with car washes onsite.
  • Fuel station revenue increases as customers find the convenience in purchasing both fuel and a car wash at the same time.

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