3 Ways to Improve Petrol Station Efficiency

According to a published ACEA (European Automobile Manufacturers Association) report, there were 252 million passenger cars licensed for road use in 2017. That’s a lot of vehicles that need refuelling! From daily commutes, to spontaneous weekend adventures, to commercial courier services, petrol stations provide a vital service for our towns and cities across the country [...]

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Digitalising the Car Wash Experience – How to Use Technology to Delight Customers

Like every industry in the world, the car wash industry is going through a process of digital transformation. This goes beyond simply using computers in daily operations or posting updates on social media; instead, it refers to the monumental shift in organisational processes, systems, competencies and strategies that leverage digital technology. Technology and the digital [...]

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We’re Attending Automechanika Frankfurt!

We’re pleased to confirm that we will be attending Automechanika Frankfurt from 11th – 15th September 2018. We’ll be based at Hall 12, Stand A79, where our team will be showcasing our wide range of innovative products and systems. What is Automechanika? The biennial trade fair event is the world’s leading trade show for the [...]

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The Importance of Understanding Who Your Customers Are

It doesn’t matter what the business model is, understanding who is using your car wash services is paramount for long-term success and growth. There is now plenty of technology and equipment that can help operators get to know their customers better, leading to improved services and happier customers. Lots of factors will influence customer behaviour [...]

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Benefits of Monitoring & Tracking Your Reports to Improve Car Wash Performance

To grow a successful car wash business, operators and teams need to make strategic decisions. Creating and analysing reports relating to specific business functions can help make these strategic decisions easier. Here at PSD Codax, we are passionate about helping our clients see the value in this reporting to help them grow and scale. For [...]

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How Car Wash Businesses Can Use E-Commerce to Increase Sales and Revenue

E-Commerce and online shopping is a trend that is showing no signs of slowing down. It refers to the purchasing of goods and services over the internet and offers customers a simple and convenient way to shop. Although car wash services may consider themselves as an offline business, many innovative car washes are leveraging the [...]

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Benefits of Accepting Contactless Payments at Car Wash Kiosks

Finding new ways your car wash business can improve the customer experience is a key component for business growth and longevity. Making sure you are offering products and services that customers value and desire as well as offering this to them in a way that suits their shopping behaviours, is something that businesses must get [...]

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Important End Of Life Product Notifications

PSD Codax issued an end of life notification for CTT1 and CTT2 on 29th March 2018, this is a further reminder and to advise you consider your service part holding. PSD Codax also remind you that although CTT1 and CTT2 have end of life notification their replacement, CTT3 and CET3, are backward compatible making them [...]

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