How to Become a Car Wash Franchiser

If you own a successful car washing business and you’re looking to take your venture to the next level, becoming a car wash franchiser could be the perfect opportunity for growth. Franchising allows you to expand your brand, tap into additional resources, and generate revenue by allowing others to invest in your businesses and [...]

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How to Improve Water Efficiency at a Car Wash

When we think of businesses who strive to preserve water, it might be easy to overlook car washes. In fact, we may even assume car washes to be some of the greatest water users in our towns and cities! While car washes do have the potential to use large volumes of water, they also [...]

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Marketing Tips for Car Wash Businesses

Marketing is vital for any business. It helps attract new customers and keep current customers happy. With the business environment getting increasingly more competitive, it’s important now more than ever to give your car wash business the edge it needs to keep up with changing consumer demands. But getting marketing right is no easy [...]

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The Different Types of Car Wash Services

When it comes to keeping our vehicles clean and well-maintained, car wash services play a crucial role. However, not all car wash services are created equally. From self-service to automatic to full-service car washes, each type offers distinct benefits and drawbacks. In this comprehensive guide, we at PSD Codax will explore the various types of [...]

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What Is the Best Water Temperature When Washing Your Car

Washing your car regularly is essential for maintaining its appearance and protecting its paintwork. While most car owners focus on using the right cleaning products and techniques, the temperature of the water used during the washing process often goes unnoticed. However, the temperature of the water can have a significant impact on the effectiveness of [...]

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How to Improve the Customer Experience at Your Car Wash

Customer satisfaction is the most important aspect of any business; happy customers are more likely to return time and time again, as well as encourage new customers to visit your car wash. This makes the customer experience of a car wash curtail to a business offering and something you should always aim to develop [...]

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Choosing the Right Insurance for Your Car Washing Business

Car washing businesses are an important part of the automotive industry, providing a valuable service to vehicle owners. However, with this type of business comes inherent risks that could lead to financial losses. These risks could be as simple as a customer tripping over a wet floor to a more severe case of an employee [...]

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The Best Services to Have at Electric Charging Points

The popularity of electric vehicles (EVs) has skyrocketed in recent years; according to the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) EVs are now the second most popular type of new vehicle, behind petrol and beating out both diesel and hybrid powertrains. Here at PSD Codax, we are industry leading providers of car wash [...]

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Should You Offer Undercarriage Cleaning at Your Car Wash?

As forecourt technology improves, car wash services across the industry are becoming increasingly dynamic. And with more and more independent services successfully establishing themselves, car washes are constantly looking for new and innovative ways to effectively compete on the market. Today’s motorist is both well-informed and short on time- two characteristics that represent an opportunity [...]

2023-07-04T14:43:42+01:00February 14th, 2023|

Is it Time to Invest in Electric Charging Points at Your Car Wash?

The market for electric cars is growing rapidly. According to the latest vehicle stats, electric car sales rose 40% in 2022, with more than 1 in 10 new vehicles being electric. As deadlines for climate goals approach rapidly, the popularity of electric vehicles isn’t likely to slow any time soon – but can installation [...]

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