Using the Subscription Business Model for Car Washes

The success of the subscription business model is through its ability to provide significant value for both the business and the customer. The car wash industry lends itself to the subscription model as it provides a service which is regularly accessed by individual customers. It is a service that customers use because it is convenient, [...]

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Developing Strategic Local Partnerships for Car Wash Businesses

For any business to thrive in today’s uncertain times, first and foremost you have to be seen and experienced as good at what you do. Nowhere is this more true than in the car wash business where your very location makes you supremely visible to anyone passing, and activity on your forecourt bears immediate witness [...]

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Car Wash Events – Getting Started with Car Wash Events

Whether you’re new to the car wash industry or have been in the sector for many years, in the current volatile market economy you always need to be on the look-out for how to stay ahead of the game, increase profit margins and improve your business. Car wash events are without doubt one of the [...]

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Selling Valeting Services and Interior Car Cleaning to Your Customers

If you’re looking to grow a car wash business, adding additional services like valeting and interior cleaning could be something to consider. Once a customer is on the forecourt, having relevant services that are proven to be popular, can help add new revenue streams to the business and allow your business to stand out from [...]

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Car Wash Safety – A Car Wash Operator’s Guide to Safety

Commercial car washes have many potential accident spots, with cars constantly moving around, together with the ever-present dangers of chemical hazards and moving machinery. There are different types of commercial carwash: the conveyorized/tunnel car wash, the automatic car wash, and self-service car wash. Although there are significant differences in design between them, many of the [...]

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Touchfree Car Wash – The Ultimate Guide to Touchfree Car Wash

There is lots of positivity around the car wash industry at the moment. From the UK, to US and even new emerging markets, car wash businesses are perfectly positioned to capitalise on new opportunities with consumers and clients. New add-on services, better technology and equipment, increased consumer disposal incomes, more cars on the road, and [...]

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Marketing Tips for Car Wash Businesses

Marketing is vital for any business. It helps attract new customers and keep current customers happy. But getting marketing right is no easy task. It is always changing and can be hard for busy car wash operators to keep up-to-date with what’s working and what isn’t. With a million and one other things happening at [...]

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We Have Moved!

PSD Codax is excited to report that due to the growth of our organisation we have established a new corporate headquarters! Please note that the address of our new corporate headquarters is: Axis 8, Hawkfield Business Park Hawkfield Way Whitchurch Bristol BS14 0BY UK Our telephone number remains the same: +44 (0) 1275 866 910 [...]

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Tunnel Car Wash Systems – A Beginner’s Guide to Tunnel Car Wash Systems

Car wash operators have the tough decision of choosing the type(s) of car wash system that they think is most suitable for the business they’re running. Tunnel/Conveyor, Automatic and Self-Service all bring with them advantages and disadvantages, so its important operators understand which option is likely to generate the best results for them and their [...]

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