Convenience is key when it comes to a car wash. Customers want to turn up, have their car cleaned, and go about their day. But there are often times when a car wash doesn’t have every service they require, and they end up having to go elsewhere to satisfy their needs.

At PSD Codax, we offer leading car wash access systems to help make the process as smooth as possible for customers and businesses. In this article we’ll offer some ideas for additional services you can offer at your car wash, and why they may be a good addition for your car wash.

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Extra Services You Can Offer at Your Car Wash

When a customer is at your car wash, they’re already invested in improving the quality and condition of their vehicle. This is a good time to offer them some additional services that further enhance their car’s appearance and durability.

Some of the main benefits behind having add-ons at your car wash are:

  • Extra value for your business
  • Increase your profitability
  • Encourage more repeat business
  • Become a full-service on-stop shop for car washes and related services
  • Draw in customers who are after a particular service, and entice them to explore your other offerings

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Car washes are already often an add-on to places like petrol stations and corner shops, providing extra value for customers who are likely to have visited these locations on foot. We’ve compiled a list of top five add-on services you can include at your car wash to provide extra value:

1.     Rust Proofing

Preventing corrosion from the elements is a useful way to provide longevity to a vehicle. When metal components come into contact with water they will eventually rust, leading to damage and a poor appearance.

Rust proofing prevents this process by applying protective coatings to vulnerable areas. Options like waxing, tar-based sprays, electronic modules, and dripless sprays are all great ways you can offer this service.

Depending on which rust proofing method you choose, you can see great value for both you and your customers at minimal hassle and cost.

2.     Undercarriage Cleaning

You can include automatic undercarriage cleaning services in your car wash system. This is an additional layer of cleaning, using a brush or brushless system to remove all dirt and contaminants from the underside of the vehicle.

Undercarriage cleaning is a vital part of maintenance to avoid rust and dirt build-up and is a simple and easy inclusion in any car wash system.

3.     Spray-On Wax

Why not add a spray-on wax service for when your car wash has finished its cleaning? Wax gives cars an additional layer of protection against debris and UV-rays, gives the vehicle a nice sheen, and is a quick method to apply which increases the convenience for customers and makes them more likely to utilise it.

4.     Engine Cleaning and Refreshing

You can provide rinsing and services for car engines to remove any built-up oil and grime, helping them to shine and matching the appearance of the rest of the car. This is typically a simple process, but it does have the caveat of requiring the engine to be cool.

Due to this, it may not be as good as some of the other options on this list when looking at a quick service you can offer customers, but it can be a good idea to include it anyway so complete your range of services.

5.     Garage Services

If your car wash business operates beside or near to a garage, it can be a good idea to offer some of their services at the same time as the car wash. This would give customers a chance to have their vehicle looked over, such as the oil level in their engine.

Minor windshield cracks can also be repaired as part of this service, with some methods taking as little as 30 minutes to seal small cracks. A service like this can sure up the customer’s vehicle before they take it back out on the road, increasing its look and improving the overall finish.

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6.     Self Service Interior Cleaning

Quite often when customers are wanting to clean their car they don’t want to stop at just the outside, they want to clean the interior too! This is a great opportunity to add self-service stations to your car wash to maximise the convenience of your car wash with minimal labour costs.

Self-service booths like, vacuums, tyre pressure gauges, and more can be on hand for customers to use but the cost to maintain during quieter periods is smaller than adding to your work force.

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Streamline Your Car Wash Process with Leading Access Technology

Once you’ve chosen the additional services you want to offer, you can make the user experience at your car wash business even smoother by introducing a streamlined access system.

A car wash access system allows your customer to easily make payments at a single station and can even include some of the extra services you have on offer within a single payment. This increases the convenience of the service for your customers, providing greater value for them and higher profits for you.

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The Benefits of Cutting-Edge Car Wash Access Systems

Due to the ease of use and streamlined nature of car wash access systems as they consolidate your offerings into a single service station, they come with a number of benefits to both your business and its customers.

Some of the top benefits of using car wash access systems with world-class technology are:

  • Easier interaction with additional services
  • A streamlined car wash process
  • Viewing and selecting the scale of service the customer wants
  • Stress-free management of your car wash
  • A responsive point of service without the need for labour costs

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Car Wash Access Systems from PSD Codax

Adding extra services to your car wash business is a relatively easy way to provide value to your business and customers with add-ons that have a logical link to your original offering. You can take this even further by running your services through a cutting-edge car wash access system.

Enhance your car wash business today with car wash access systems from PSD Codax. Get in touch if you’ve got any enquiries, check out our products, or read some related articles to find out more!

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