In times where more is definitely more, it’s always important to consider additional services that your business can offer its customers. On the typical trip to the a self service car wash, many customers foresee simply arriving, washing their vehicle and leaving – but what if there was a way to keep customers around for longer and increase revenue in the process. When customers are at your carwash, it is important to take maximum advantage of your captive audience, upselling additional services or products that may be of interest to them. In addition to offering extras, taking the time to add valuable additional services may lead the growth of a customer base that visits you exclusively for that thing – so options are essential!

In this blog from PSD Codax we outline the top 5 services to have with a self-service car wash. For more articles from us, take a look at our blog. Informative pieces include, The Best Payment Methods for Car Wash Businesses, A Guide for the Best Car Wash Maintenance Tips and How to Reduce Car Wash Labour Costs.

Tyre Pressure Gauges & Tyre-Air Compressors

 Tyre pressure is an extremely important safety factor for all vehicle owners. Unfortunately, unless the relevant equipment is personally owned, customers have to visit select petrol stations to access these devices. A tyre pressure gauge is used to measure the pressure of a Vehicle’s tyres. Guessing tyre pressure by eye isn’t accurate and could easily lead to drivers traveling on unsafe pressure. Gauges offer accurate and reliable readings and come in both standard or digital formats. Offering tyre pressure reading facilities not only demonstrates your business’ desire to offer a valuable service, it also demonstrates a regard for their safety. Hopefully, a tyre pressure reader on site will function as a reminder for customers who initially only planned to visit for a wash. In addition, the times where a car is likely to be washed do overlap somewhat with recommended air pressure checks for example before a long journey or at the turning of a season.

With a Tyre pressure gauge, it is helpful to provide a tyre air compressor. Tyre air compressors allow customers to inflate their tyres in the event of a low pressure reading. Sometimes, these facilities come separately, other devices allow they to be purchased together within one machine to maximise usefulness to customers.


Another additional service to offer at a self-serve car wash are vacuums. Vacuuming facilities allow customers the opportunity to give their car interiors some attention as well as exteriors, offering a more complete car clean. For busy families, the inside of a car can become just as messy as the outside, a quick vacuum can offer a welcome tidy up without having to bring a hoover outside at home.

Instead of using them as an up-sell, a car wash may choose to provide vacuums as a free perk to increase customer traffic. Even if the service is complimentary, signage promoting free vacuums is usually enough to not only lure new customers but also get them in the habit of getting a car wash every time they notice their interior needs some attention! 

Drink Stations / Machines

For last minute travellers, a trip to the car wash can be an afterthought that doesn’t take place until a journey has begun. Offering convenient services such as drinks stations and vending machines allows for small amounts of additional revenue to be made from each customer visit. Offering services such as this also allows your car wash to become a ‘one stop shop’ for road trip essentials, making it more likely for a group to visit you for all of their needs rather than visiting numerous locations individually. 

Exterior Shine/ Protectants

When paying to wash a car, customers will want to keep that ‘washed car look’ as long as possible. Offering additional exterior shine services or protectants can allow visitors to feel as though they are gaining the maximum result from their visit to your car wash. Not to mention, regular car was visitors take great pride and care with their vehicles, so a finishing touch would be an appealing upsell for those wanting to look their best.

Sell Car Essentials

If you’d like to make your car wash even more of a one stop shop, why not offer a range of miscellaneous car care products close to point of sale? Offering a selection of car care essentials such as ice scrapers, heat covers and de-icer may lead to additional earnings through reminding customers they’re running low on supplies! In addition, offering products that seemingly maximise the ‘washed car feeling’ will be of appeal when a customer has just invested in a clean – these products might include air fresheners and upholstery cleaners. 

Improve Your Car Wash with PSD Codax

Here at PSD Codax, we provide market-leading car wash technology to car washes across the UK and beyond. Our range of entry systems, car wash controllers and management software offer businesses the opportunity to create a well-rounded, professional feeling car wash. In addition to offering car wash technology for purchase, we have also collaborated with Oak Lease to offer leasing solutions for digital car wash products. So should your business need supplementary machinery for busy seasons or events, we’re here to help. To speak to a member of staff about our range of car wash technology, get in touch today. For more articles regarding car wash equipment or running your car wash business, take a look at our blog.