Luckily for car wash businesses, the majority of the UK population own cars – so their services are always in high demand! That being said, it is important that businesses continually develop strategies to maintain and increase their revenue. There are a variety of different areas for consideration when it comes to boosting revenue, so doing so can seem confusing for business owners.

In this blog from PSD Codax, we outline a selection of ways in which a car wash can increase its revenue.

Carefully Calculate your Price

When selling any product or service, establishing a reasonable yet profitable price is essential. When calculating a service price for your car wash, it is firstly important to establish the exact cost of a wash itself, as to ensure your price incorporates a worthwhile profit margin. This may seem basic but it is essential to incorporate all elements of a car wash process into your outgoing calculations – from utilities to cleaning chemicals.

When calculating your price, it may also be wise to consider location. On one hand, if your car wash is located in a particularly affluent area, you may choose to increase your prices accordingly. On the other, if there are numerous car washes in your area, you may choose to offer an incentivising price that focusses on getting more people through the door.

Add Extras to Your Service

When customers come to a car wash, they already have a firm idea of the service they can expect to receive. One way of increasing revenue for a car wash would be to offer additional services that must be paid for in addition to a regular wash. This may include special waxing services, interior cleans (if not already included) or windscreen chip and crack repair. If a customer is already parting with cash and looking forward to seeing the outcome of a service, it is likely that they will be more susceptible to marketed add-ons. Our digital menu signs offer the ideal solution for promoting additional services!

As well as improving the physical monetary revenue of your car wash, providing additional services can also create a more luxurious feel for your business. If a prospective customer compares your services against another and finds yours to be more comprehensive, it is likely that they will perceive your business as offering a superior service. In turn, positive perception is likely to transform in greater footfall on your business’ premises.

Incentivise Customers with Memberships and Discounts

A highly effective method of increasing revenue that targets existing customers is creating memberships and loyalty schemes. Incentives such as this offer customers some kind of discount in return for repeat custom. Memberships can offer a range of different perks, they may even offer members access to free services if they obtain a certain number of ‘points’.

Not only is it likely to encourage more frequent visits on behalf of existing customers, frugal money-savers may be attracted to your business simply from hearing about money saving opportunities.

Turn a Wash into an Experience

Amidst the host of inspiration for car wash owners online, many contributors note the value of offering experiences within a car wash service. One particularly popular example is the transformation of a car wash bay into a sensory experience. Like it or not, a drive through car wash is always a sensory experience, so why not make the most of it? Some car washes incorporate auditory and visual elements such as music or lighting to create immersive and entertaining experiences as customer’s pass through the car wash.

In addition to making your customer experience more enjoyable, creating an attraction out of your service is a great way to get people talking about your business. More talk makes for greater awareness and more visitors! Fun-feeling features such as these also offer great material for marketing and will draw customers with young children looking for an entertaining activity.

Improve Your Marketing Strategy

As previously noted, marketing can work wonders when increasing the revenue of any business. Effective marketing creates a buzz around your business and its services, which hopefully converts to more business! In the modern day, the marketing world can be overwhelming for businesses. Luckily, car washes can focus on attracting custom from residents of a particular geographical zone. In the simplest form, this might involve creating leaflets and conducting a local door drop offering discounts or even just letting people know you’re there! To experiment with high quality graphics and promotional materials for your business, take a look at our promotional and marketing services.

Another highly effective method of marketing locally is social media – making use of location tags and interacting with other local businesses can be a great way of putting your business in front of prospective local customers. Social media offers a perfect opportunity for businesses to advertise their services, promote deals and discounts or even give instantaneous updates about opening times. The more that a local community knows about a car wash, the more it will be used – meaning more money in the till!

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