When running a car wash, changes in seasons can have a huge impact on how a business is run. Operating a car wash business in winter poses a host of challenges that are different to those which emerge in the summer. For this reason, it is important that a car wash provider adapts to both protect their machinery and optimise customer experience. Following the same procedures all year round could easily lead to unnecessary challenges and a loss of customers.

In this blog from PSD Codax, we outline 5 top tips for car washes in winter. For more articles relating to the operating a successful car wash, take a look at our blog. Articles include The Best Payment Methods for Car Wash Businesses, A Guide for the Best Car Wash Maintenance Tips, How to Reduce Car Wash Labour Costs.


  1. Maintain Your Equipment

During the winter season, car wash equipment is exposed to harsh weather conditions on a regular basis. While heat can also offer challenges, the risk of freezing during winter can have far more damaging effects on car washing equipment. Many online forums note the importance of pumping water out of static equipment overnight to limit the likelihood of equipment incurring ice damage. In addition to taking precautions such as this, it may also be worthwhile to schedule more frequent servicing for machines – especially those used most frequently by customers.

Not only does maintaining equipment reduce the likelihood of having to replace machinery, it also ensures that customer experience is not hindered by broken machines or inconvenient delays.

  1. Weather Maintenance

During the winter, the likelihood of snow and ice increases – so it is important that a car wash is prepared. In the event of heavy snowfall or a harsh freeze, car washes should shovel excess material to ensure easy access for customers. As well as clearing entryways and walkways, it is important that exposed surfaces are gritted to reduce slipping and skidding. Skidding vehicles could cause damage to both equipment and customer vehicles. Slippy surfaces could also be dangerous to customers if your setup requires them to exit their vehicles. Regularly gritting in and around your carwash can make all the difference, especially in a location dealing with such large volumes of water.

It should also be noted that if customers find it challenging to enter your car wash, the likelihood of them turning around without using your services increases. So, a small amount spent on grit and shovelling labour can play a big part in minimising harsh weather losses.

  1. Ramp up your Marketing

Across many sectors, wintertime marketing is essential – car washes are no different. As weather turns colder and people spend more time inside, maximising awareness of your business is more important than ever. For car wash businesses in particular, the demand for your service increases in periods of harsh weather, so making customers aware of offers and deals is vital.

Speaking of promotions, wintertime offers the perfect opportunity for businesses to offer deals and discounts. Whether your car wash optimises marketing opportunities associated with holidays or events in your local community – customer’s love saving money, so spreading the word is more important than ever!

  1. Protect your equipment

As previously mentioned, equipment is far more susceptible to weathering during the winter months, so protecting costly machinery is essential to the smooth-running of your business. In addition to pumping our water as previously mentioned, creating shelters for your equipment may offer machinery protection from harsh weather and subsequent damage. This investment whilst more expensive may offer long term reductions in replacements or maintenance costs.

  1. Train Staff for The Winter Season

During the winter, customers are likely to enter your car wash with different challenges than in the summer. Debris such as road grit will be more stubborn to remove than summer dust – and may require alternative methods of cleaning. In addition, the optimal ways to use in-house machinery may change with the weather. As a result, it is important that staff are versed in the most cost effective and performance effective way to use your equipment during the colder season.

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