When it comes to a car wash facility, ensuring it is well looked after along with going the extra mile for your customers will help you to create a profitable and successful business that has people coming back time and time again.

If you’re the new owner of a car wash facility, or are considering investing in the car wash  business, or maybe someone who just needs some further guidance when it comes to looking after your site, then this blog is for you. Keep reading to learn all about the importance of maintaining your car wash facility along with a step-by-step guide by PSD Codax, we  are a world leader in car wash technology.

The importance of car wash maintenance

Keeping your car wash system in tip-top shape is valuable for many reasons. It helps to ensure your equipment and machinery are safe and reliable, it saves costs by ensuring equipment lasts longer, it helps to keep your facilities looking clean and professional, and it ensures your customers are getting the best car wash possible.

Should something go wrong with your car wash it can be costly in more than just repair costs. It could cause catastrophic damage to your reputation. Customers want a car wash that works when they need it. Should your location often be out of service or in need of repairs, you could find loyal customers looking elsewhere.

The Types of car wash maintenance

Before we explore the required tasks that need to be followed when taking care of your car wash facilities, let’s discuss the two types of maintenance you will need to consider as an owner of a car wash business.

  • Preventative maintenance: This type of maintenance involves carrying out regular practices to ensure all the machinery and equipment at your car wash site are performing as they should. This helps to minimise the probability of repairs needing to be done later down the line by enabling you to keep sight of any underlying problems that could become major issues when not dealt with early enough.
  • Reactive maintenance: Opposite to preventative, this type of maintenance is required when you will need to react to issues as they arrive, as the name suggests. This maintenance type aims to fix or replace the damaged component so that your car wash may resume operations and carry on as normal.

Maintenance duties for car wash facilities

So now that you have a good understanding of why maintenance is so important for your car wash business, let’s run through the different tasks and processes you must carry out to ensure your customers have the best car wash experience they could ask for.

1. Examine the jet wash guns and water pipes

Limescale is a cleaning issue that car wash owners wish they didn’t have to deal with. Fortunately, this problem can be managed with regular maintenance with an appropriate water treatment.

We recommend that you carry out a daily examination of your jet wash guns and water pipes to remove limescale, ensure there are no blockages, and confirm the water pressure is at the optimum level. This will help provide your customers with an ultra-clean service as well as wasting minimal water wastage.

2. Check the condition of the brushes

Next up is the important task of examining the condition of your rollers and brushes. Again, we advise this to be a daily task due to the risks associated with faulty or unclean equipment causing damage to cars.

Check for any debris build-up or unwanted items that may have gotten caught up in the equipment as this has the potential to leave marks or damage to a vehicle when in use.

Cleaner brushes will also help ensure a better clean, helping to keep your customers happy.

3. Inspect vacuum cleaners

Another important maintenance job requires checking your vacuum cleaners are in good working condition. To do this you’ll need to check that the suction is strong, the condition of the hose and nozzle and that any filters are cleaned out and emptied.These auxiliary services, are a brilliant opportunity for car washes to generate additional revenue, ensuring that these are well maintained can help keep these money makers working.

4. Give all electrical equipment and machinery a once over

Many of today’s modern sites contain leading car wash technology to provide a seamless experience for customers. This includes terminals to allow for contactless payments. This is becoming increasingly important as businesses across the globe go cashless and consumers come to expect the option to pay this way. With this in mind, it’s important to carry out regular checks on all payment technology and other equipment to ensure all is working as it should be. The last thing you want is to get to the end of the day and realise payments haven’t been going through properly.

Should you decide that your equipment is reaching the end of its life cycle you can explore PSD Codax’s range of world leading car wash technologies to improve your car washing experience. With our dedicated technical support team to help you resolve any technical issues you may have.

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5. Conduct a site clean

Finally, whenever needed, you will want to give the overall exterior of your car wash site a good clean to ensure it’s looking clean, professional, and inviting to customers.

We suggest regularly pressure washing of the exterior building and driveway, freshly painted surfaces, the installation and preservation of high-quality car wash marketing materials such as digital signage and price lists, and a site free of rubbish.

Build and Maintain a High-Quality Car Wash Facility with PSD Codax

Here at PSD Codax, we have been providing market-leading car wash technology to successful sites across the UK and beyond. If you need any help and support in maximising the profitability of your car wash business, visit our blog or reach out to one of our expert team members today.