UK-based PSD Codax, the leading developer of token-free control systems for car care equipment, is helping BP in Australia strengthen control of car wash revenues.

BP is integrating Codax Code Generator technology with its point of sale system (POS) to improve sales data reporting and security at retail sites across Australia. The system has been rolled out following development by Codax and local installation by car wash equipment company WashTec.

The new Codax control system – which has ethernet connectivity and eliminates the need for under-counter wiring – plugs directly into the in-store network so that all tills can be used to sell car wash programmes and print customer access codes.

POS integration with Codax technology also enables head office to collect accurate sales data from almost any sales desk. Wash codes are issued only after a till transaction has been completed which prevents miss-keying and staff giving away free car washes.

The new Codax Code Generators will help to reduce shrinkage and improve and speed-up the daily reconciliation process for station management.

Codax Code Generator can also give retailers the added option of selling smartcards for multi-buy wash promotions direct from their POS terminals. This gives retailers far greater control over their car wash promotions.

BP is the latest to benefit from Codax Code Generator technology. Other customers include Shell UK which recently installed over 150 units and Peregrine Corporation in Australia.

Graham Round, managing director of PSD Codax, said: “We are delighted that BP is the latest company to link our new Codax Code Generator with its POS system.

“This enables staff to sell car wash services directly from any POS screen, just like other products on the shop shelf. It will also improve revenue control and analysis of sales data, as well as provide more opportunities for staff to sell car care services.”