Running a successful car wash involves managing lots of moving parts. From hiring and managing employees, to marketing and attracting new customers, there’s a lot to consider.

One integral part of a car wash business that can’t be overlooked is payment processing and how this integrates within the rest of the business. Effective POS (Point of Sale) payment systems and processes can be a car wash operator’s secret weapon when it comes to selling their services and products in a way that works for the business and the customer.

Having effective systems and processes can be the difference between car washes that scale and those that struggle to get off the ground.

But what is a POS system and why does a car wash need one in today’s increasingly competitive market?

What is a POS System?

POS literally means “point of sale” and refers to the location where a sale or transaction takes place.

POS payment systems help create a more efficient point of sale. These systems add defined processes and structure to a sale and help add organisation and efficiency to business transactions. As technology has advanced, so to has the ability for businesses to leverage these smart POS systems to really improve the way they sell to customers.

POS systems include 2 fundamental aspects; software and hardware. The software is the backbone for most modern-day business transactions. The software gathers, interprets and manages the data that is presented during a sale. From automated data syncs with onsite equipment and products, to correctly calculating relevant discounts or promotional codes, the software helps busy businesses take sales in a practical way. The hardware is the actual physical devices used to record any sale, such as tills, iPads, mobile devices or computers.

POS systems are becoming increasingly more advanced and adding on innovative features to help business owners with everyday operations, from family run businesses, to large scale multinational corporations. From inventory management, to employee performance, POS systems give managers and owners key insights to help them run their teams and businesses.

Through clever integrations and processes, car wash operators can connect payment kiosks and terminals with additional aspects of the business, whether that’s accounting software or marketing material to onboard and delight new customers. By having a business that is well connected and that naturally highlights key data for decision-makers, car washes can find themselves able to be proactive and make forward thinking decisions simply by looking at what’s in front of them.

This creates a huge competitive advantage and something that presents tangible benefits for both the business and the customers they are looking to impress.

Why is a POS Important for Car Washes?

Effective POS systems are more important than ever for car wash businesses. Customers are now expecting fast check-out and payment options as well as being able to pay in a variety of ways. Some customers may want to pay in cash, while others may want to pay with credit card, while others may want to use contactless.

Ensuring your business is set up to accept these different payment options while also helping speed up payment time to reduce queues is something that will help improve the overall customer experience.

POS systems and integrations are no longer an optional luxury bonus for businesses, but rather a key piece of business equipment that would be detrimental to pass on.

In addition to simply receiving payments, businesses may need to have the systems in place to process refunds, calculate tax on each product, as well as tracking sales performance and business insights for multiple locations to make strategic decisions moving forward.

POS systems become increasing valuable for car washes that want to scale or that have multiple locations. POS systems make it easy to understand revenue and profits per location (and per POS device) to understand what is working and what isn’t working in the business.

Some benefits of POS systems for car wash operators include:

  • Reduce repetitive tasks
  • Sync sales data and business data seamlessly and in real time
  • Understand sales performance per location
  • Track and monitor inventory and product management
  • Sync sales data with a CMR to track customer loyalty
  • Seamlessly reward loyal customers at the point of sale
  • Expanded payment capabilities (particularly important for international expansion)
  • Offer flexible payment options
  • Track employee performance
  • Easier accounting and bookkeeping
  • Improved accuracy in data entry
  • Track new promotions in real time
  • Advanced reporting
  • Better payment security

Car Wash POS Integration

Our mission here at PSD Codax is to help grow car wash businesses through innovative technology. We have developed our own POS Systems to create a simple but effective integration option so you can collect key data from almost any sales desk.

With PSD Codax POS Systems we can ensure you extract the valuable data in a user-friendly way, making interpretation and actionable takeaways quick and easy.

Learn More with PSD Codax

PSD Codax is a leader in car wash technology. Our code access system reduces shrinkage and loss for forecourt operators while giving customers quick, easy and reliable access to carwash and valet services. From POS integration to car wash controllers and entry systems, our bespoke range of products helps car wash operators achieve more.

To learn more about our POS integration, as well as all our other services and products, simply get in touch with our friendly team today. We will help you understand everything you need to know and illustrate how we can help support your business as you look to grow and scale.