Launched back in 2015, Apple Pay became the first of many apps allowing consumers to ditch the need for credit cards and cash payments. Android Pay (now referred to as Google Pay following its merge with Google Wallets) launched in 2016 and Samsung Pay followed in close pursuit in 2017, which opened up the market for all those using a smartphone to utilise this revolutionary method of payment.

By 2018, UK Finance reported that already, 16% of the adult UK population were registered for mobile payments. And by 2020, emarketer predicted over 1 billion people were using mobile payment apps worldwide.

So, what is it about these apps that has seen their use rise in popularity at an unstoppable rate, how do they actually work and how they can be utilised to optimise the payments and customer experience of your car wash business?

Quick Guide to Mobile Payment Apps

In short, mobile payment apps allow you to live a predominantly cashless life. By first linking your payment cards to an app, you are able to make a whole host of payments both online or physically using the single item you most likely always have with you – your mobile phone.

For physical payments in shops, drive through’s, train/tube stations and more, in terms of ease and speed, the process is similar to contactless payments but without a cost limit. Simply open-up the app, hold your phone within range of the payment terminal and confirm your payment with touch or face recognition.

When it comes to the bigger picture of online payments, rewards, store loyalty cards, transit tickets, boarding passes and more, mobile payment apps allow you to access all of these in just the one place.

Benefits of Mobile Payment Apps

Apple Pay, use the slogan, ‘cashless made effortless’ and describes the process as ‘easy’, ‘secure’, and a ‘safer way to pay’.

For Google Pay it’s a similar picture. They describe their app as a ‘better way to pay’, ‘fast, simple’ and one that ‘protects your payment’.

This all sounds pretty impressive, right? So, let’s delve a little further into how they can make these claims as we discuss the benefits of mobile payment apps for the consumer and the business.

  1. Safe and Secure

As a business, ensuring your customers are confident their details are safe during payment is vital and initially, some doubt was cast over how an instant payment app could possibly be more secure than manually entering multiple card details or a private pin number.

The details are complex but in short, there are multiple layers of security used in mobile payment apps that make them a more secure method of payment than using a physical card. Purchases, for example, receive a unique encrypted number or protected code rather than your actual card details. This prevents your card details from being stored by merchants or accessed by hackers.

And for those forever losing things, of course if you were to lose your mobile phone, just like losing a card, you would be concerned at the thought of someone else having access to your payment details. With mobile payment apps, rather than having to ring your bank, you can remotely find, instantly lock and erase payment details from your phone. Plus, you’re more likely to realise you’ve lost your phone faster than losing a card.

  1. Simple

Even the most tech-shy could figure out how to use these apps. The in-app instructions are notoriously easy to follow but if you’re still unsure Apple Pay have a handy guide available or a quick YouTube search will find you a video demonstration on how to link your payment card.

Once that’s done there is little else to learn when it comes to purchases. For a car wash business, mobile app payments offer your customer a smooth and simple purchase experience.

  1. Fast

Online, millions of merchants now accept Apple and Google Pay, which means you no longer have to create an account, enter card details or fill out lengthy forms with secret codes and passwords that you need to remember. Plus you’re using the item that’s always by your side without needing to hunt for your wallet.

Physical payments are quick and instant without the need for entering a pin number and speedy, efficient payment is never to be underestimated in the customer experience.

Here at PSD Codax, our car wash products accept mobile payment apps to ensure your customers have the option of a fast and efficient payment process without the need for waiting in line to pay.

  1. Commuters

For those using the transport network in London, mobile payment apps have made paying for transit easier and quicker than ever before. The apps have a tonne of features to benefit commuters including an ‘express mode’ on Apple Pay so users do not need to authenticate payment with Face or Touch ID when in a rush. Google Pay offers daily and weekly fare caps when you use your phone to pay and a receipts feature that helps you keep track of where you have been and whether you’ve paid the right fare.

  1. Multi-purpose

As well as using apps for payments, the ‘wallet’ feature of Apple and Google pay comes with a whole host of other purposes. When it comes to boarding passes, transit tickets and more, these can all be stored in one place on your mobile payment app, so you don’t need to worry about forgetting them.

Payment apps can easily be utilised to leverage a loyalty scheme for your car wash business. Every-time your customer pays using the app, the payments automatically link to your points or loyalty programme adding value to the customer experience.

Learn More with PSD Codax

The benefits of mobile payment apps for the consumer has seen a whole host of industries adopt their use in a way that makes them a convenient and safe way for their customers to pay. Here at PSD Codax, our development centre is focused on adapting to new technologies to keep ahead of the market and that’s why, along with a whole host of high end features, our products allow for multiple forms of payment acceptance including mobile wallets such as Apple and Google Pay.

Our WashNow! mobile app, for example, is an easy-to-use app that sells your car wash services anywhere. Formatted for all smartphones and downloadables from the App Store, it includes a visual purchase history with date, time, service purchased and remaining balance, and true contactless transactions.

To learn more about our car wash products and services, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team today.