The prepaid and fleet card systems works alongside our proven code access system to provide a more streamlined and rewarding experience for your customers, while allowing access codes to be issued for one-off transactions, as before.

Drive more Sales with Smarter Promotions

The dynamic add-on for all WashConnect products.

For customers who use your car washes regularly – including businesses like taxis, ride sharing, driving instructors and sales people – The WashConnect Customer Tracking can provide benefit over and above code-access, giving access to time-saving multibuys as washbooks or prepaid balance and attractive loyalty discounts.

It supports:

Program Cards: To which customers add pre-determined wash programs or multi-buy deals.

Stored Value Cards: Top a card up with prepaid balance so that customers can select any available wash program

Tracker Cards: Keep track of your fleet and business customers and makes it possible bill the account users monthly, periodically or as you please.

The prepaid/gift and fleet card options enables you to run highly customizable fleet schemes, car wash clubs , bonus points and other innovative and creative loyalty promotions with minimal administrative overhead and without adding any complexity for your retail or car wash staff

It is offered as an option (fully integrated) on new installations and can be retro-fitted to existing installations.

Car Wash Prepaid & Fleet Cards

Prepaid/gift and fleet cards are an easy and effective way to manage and reward loyal customers. The cards help streamline the whole process and provide an enjoyable payment experience for customers.

Prepaid balances allow businesses to better manage expenses for employees and benefit from simple expense management. Flexible billing options mean you can tailor offers to better suit your target audience.

Create your own car wash loyalty programme with ease and customise the benefits and rewards on customer fleet cards. Encourage repeat and return visits, helping give customers discounts while adding revenue to your business.

Prepaid car wash cards help give customers another payment option, helping add diversity and stability to your business.