A car wash can be the best in its area but still miss out on potential customers due to a lack of effective promotion. With the majority of the population owning cars, almost everyone is a prospective customer, so it’s important to get the word out there. As with any business, promotional strategies are all about helping to spread the word about the product or service – putting the business on the map and increasing their likelihood of being remembered.

In this blog, we outline some tips for promoting a car wash business. For more articles about the range of forecourt technology available with PSD Codax as well as some tips and tricks on operating your car wash business, take a look at our blog.

Make use of Local Listings

A simple but effective method of promoting your car wash business is making use of local listings. This might include registering your business on platforms like Yell or creating a Google “My Business” account for your car wash. Services such as these allow prospective customers quick and easy access to information and the ability to leave reviews – which will (hopefully) boost the credibility of your car wash.

Use Social Media

In the modern day, it is essential that businesses utilise social media to promote themselves. Social media offers a perfect opportunity both to gain new business and strengthen relationships with existing customers. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter give an unlimited audience access to important information about your business. The instantaneous nature of social media also makes it the perfect for sharing quick updates such as last-minute offers, unexpected availability or price changes.

A key element of making the most out of your social media accounts is to produce high quality content that serves a purpose for your audience. Luckily, car washes offer a host of opportunities for fun and creative content.

Social media also allows a car wash business to create a community of customers. Customers are able to interact with a business’ content by liking, commenting and following, and this makes your business more discoverable to new clients. Social media platforms will show your content to users that share characteristics with your existing followers – and more exposure…means more business.

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Pay for Advertising

Advertising is a sure-fire way to reach large numbers of prospective customers as quickly as possible. Whether your car wash opts for radio ads, paid social media posts or pay per click ads – when done correctly, paid advertising can be a great way of placing your business in front of new customers. Many businesses might be reluctant to part with their cash for advertising when free options are available, but paid ads can work wonders. It all depends on your business’ needs; a new business may benefit more from paid advertising while more established car washes may find less of a need for paid advertising due to their already established customer base.

Get Involved with the Local Community

A great way of attracting new customers from your local area is working with a well-established business that already operates within the community. Working alongside local shops, restaurants and other businesses allows your car wash to harvest customers and boost credibility. Selecting a business with a positive reputation also allows your car wash to benefit from the association with a locally respected service provider – and a better reputation is likely to pave the way to more custom.

Ways of doing this might include organising an event at your carwash and having a local restaurant or café provide food or drinks. You may even choose to collaborate with a business within your industry, for example teaming up with a local garage or car dealership. This would direct you straight to customers that have an immediate need for your service.

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Offer a Discounted Service

Another brilliant way of attracting business to your car wash is offering discounts and promotions. This can go hand in hand both with social media promotion and promotion with other local businesses. Spreading the word about discounted service rates offers a great incentive for customers to stop by. Discounted rates offer existing customers an incentive to return and new customers a reason to make their first visit!

Promotions are ideal for sharing on social media. People love saving money, so sharing your promotions and deals on social media, with a call to action for people to reshare is a great way to get information about your service to more people. More traditionally, a local door drop advertising your discounts could be a highly effective way of attracting customers from the local area. Posting a promotional leaflet into people’s homes may also increase exposure in the event of it being left around the home for use at a later time.

As well creating limited time promotions, it can also be beneficial for a car wash to operate a loyalty scheme. Perhaps providing customers with a card that entitles them to a free wash upon receiving a certain number of stamps would offer a great incentive for repeat visits.

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