We discussed the unstoppable rise of mobile payment apps in a recent article ‘A Beginner’s Guide to Mobile Payment Apps’, but when it comes to technology, it is not just the world of fast and simple payments that have the power to revolutionise the customer experience and management of your car wash business.

Here at PSD Codax, our development centre is focused on adapting to new technologies to keep ahead of the market and that’s why we’ve launched both the WashNow! and WashConnect mobile apps. Both apps are crammed full of features and benefits, which means leveraging technology to see your car wash business grow, has never been easier.

The WashNow! app enables customers to purchase car wash services anywhere, and the WashConnect app is designed to enable the operator to stay connected with their car wash, providing real-time data and statistics.

Here, we discuss a whole host of those features and their benefits to your business in more detail.

Mobile Apps: Features and Benefits

Ease of transactions

WashNow! gives your customers a quick and easy way for them to do business with you.

They set up a password-protected account, which allows them to select and buy car wash services from their mobile device and the comfort of their vehicles. They then simply scan their Mobile Customer ID barcode to use the services from the payment terminals, in self-serve bays and at vacuums.

Sell your car wash services anywhere

Consumers can search for participating retailers in their local area and view car wash menus, offers and discounts for individual forecourts directly from their app.


One of the great features of mobile apps is how easily they can be customised to support your specific car wash brand. To help you utilise a mobile app for optimum performance of your business, most will come with detailed guidance and support. With WashConnect, training and support is easily accessible by a number of handy features including an eLearning Car Wash Training System and Web Help functionality providing step-by-step instructions to your questions.

Visual history of purchases

A mobile app can remove the need for physical receipts. The WashNow! app includes a visual and detailed purchase history with date, time, service purchased and remaining balance. This can save your business costs on printing physical receipts, whilst improving the purchase experience for a customer and allowing them to easily monitor their spends and transactions. A receipt often acts as a reassurance to customers and an easy-to-access record of these on the mobile app can heighten their confidence in purchasing services from your car wash business.

Loyalty schemes and promotions

As well as purchase history, customers can keep track of any loyalty schemes your car wash chooses to run via a mobile app. Schemes such as a points system, vouchers, competitions and prizes all act as incentives to the customer to use your business over competitors. By utilising an app to advertise any promotions there is no need for you to create and distribute flyers or for your customers to remember a physical loyalty card every time they shop. It really couldn’t be easier for your customers to keep track of rewards available to them and the incentives to use your business.

Fast, accurate reporting

WashConnect generates detailed sales and usage reports including the status, statistics and event history of all components in your car wash organisation. It means you can keep track of all transactions in the day-to-day running of your car wash business, all from the convenience of your mobile phone.

Financial control

By using an app to keep track of all your car wash business finances, you can easily monitor where every pound or dollar is, and how it has been earned. This allows you to truly analyse your data, understand what services are making you the most money and make smart decisions regarding the operation and components of your business.

Labour control

A mobile app such as WashConnect gives you the ability to track and analyse each employee. This allows you to make sure you are optimising staffing and can help to maximise profitability.

Real-time data

Not only can you keep track of transactions via the app, importantly the data is real-time. It doesn’t come through 24 hours later, or in a weekly report that you have to generate or print out. Instead you can stay connected to your business with up-to-the-minute information.

Site and alert monitoring

In fact, with a mobile app, you do not necessarily need to be at the site to monitor your entire car wash network. All you need is your mobile device and an internet connection. Importantly, should there be an issue with any component of your car wash business, the app will notify key individuals in your organisation via email or text. This real-time monitoring and alert feature will help you to address and fix any problems before they become a bigger issue and impact on profitability.

Learn More with PSD Codax

Both the WashNow! And WashConnect Mobile apps can be easily downloaded from the app store and importantly, they are formatted to work on all smartphones with a super easy-to-use interface.

Here at PSD Codax, we believe there truly is so much to gain from utilising the power of mobile apps and staying several steps ahead of everyone else when it comes to leveraging technology in your car wash business. We are a market leader and trusted innovator, using our resources and expertise to supply more systems to more forecourt operators than anyone else. If you’re ready and eager to find out more about how they work and the benefits they can bring to your car wash business today, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our team at PSD Codax.