Here at PSD Codax, we’re always looking to help car wash businesses innovate and make better use of advancing technology and trends.

Our passion for innovation has allowed our Codax products to become the most common form of token-free access control in the world. From entry systems and controllers, to marketing software and accessories, our suite of products helps car wash businesses leverage technology to reduce shrinkage and loss in the forecourt, while giving customers quick, easy and reliable access to car wash and valet services.

To allow us to create products that are effective at achieving specific aims, we always put the consumer first. Studying consumer trends and how their behaviour and attitudes to car washes change, helps us ensure we can truly support car wash businesses.

In the last decade, there has been an emerging technology that is hard to ignore for any business, including car washes – the mobile phone.

Mobile devices have gone from having basic call/text capabilities to powerful computers in our pockets. Consumers are spending more and more time on these devices and smart businesses understand the need to acknowledge and adapt to this.

So, how can car wash businesses leverage mobile usage to grow their business?

We identify 4 key areas of a business that should acknowledge the importance of mobile usage.


One of the main ways car wash businesses need to understand how mobiles will impact their business is marketing.

People want answers instantly. They have the world at their fingertips and your business needs to be present here.

This makes prioritising social media marketing and search engine marketing a must for any car wash.

If someone wants a car wash, they are often likely to search “car wash near me,” and your business needs to be visible to stay competitive. This trend is only going to continue. With “voice search” and voice activated apps like Alexa and Siri, consumers are increasingly being given the “one” answer that satisfies their search. Spending time to prioritise this and ensure your car wash is the leading authority in the local area will help gain increased visibility and awareness online.

Communicating and marketing that is native to mobile devices will ensure potential customers see your business and offers/services. This may mean re-evaluating where advertising budgets are invested and spent. Tracking and monitoring the success of every part of the business, including marketing, is must for any business that wants long-term success.

Similarly, having a mobile first approach to business could itself be a marketing angle. Promoting free WiFi or a car wash app that helps customers track loyalty points/rewards could in itself help differentiate your car wash from competitors.

Customer Experience

From discovery through to visiting the car wash, to updates and incentives, communicating with customers via their mobile devices offers car wash businesses lots of touch points and opportunities to delight new and existing customers.

Simply having a mobile responsive website whereby customers can buy products and services is a simple but highly effective way at giving customers what they want.

Similarly, having loyalty programme details accessible for customers 24/7 means they can log and trace current discounts or rewards. Communicating these types of schemes within your business in a way that is accessible on mobile devices is going to reflect how consumers are absorbing information or making buying decisions.

Not only does this benefit the customer, but this also helps car wash operators track campaigns, promotions and sales. Being able to pre-sale discount offers via an app or through a mobile responsive website, means the business can assess the success of this instantly and adapt if necessary.

These sorts of activities mean car wash operators can test quickly and experiment with new ideas and products, constantly learning what the consumer likes and what they don’t. This innovative spirit is where ambitious car washes can become market leaders by setting new trends, instead of just following them.


Thinking about customers’ preferred method of payment is also important. Not only are more customers opting for contactless payment, many are using things like Apple Pay, Android Pay and other app payment options.

These mobile apps give consumers a quick and secure way to pay for products or services. The growing popularity of these type of payment apps highlights the fact consumers want payment to be as quick and transparent as possible.

Having this as a payment option is certainly worth considering if you want customers to have the ultimate buying experience at your car wash.


Consumers aren’t the only ones that can benefit from the plethora of data and information at their fingertips. Car wash operators and staff can also make better use of time by swapping to mobile devices to track sales, customer support issues and other daily tasks.

All these sorts of activities can be carefully tracked and monitored, helping managers and owners analyse and react to the information they can see. This can often be automated too, syncing business data seamlessly in the background, giving managers key insights.

Owners can also track equipment performance on mobile devices as they are moving around the forecourt and help input this sort of data into the business in a way that is user-friendly.

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