Since we launched the Codax range of unattended payment kiosks, we have received tremendous feedback from the operators of both traditional forecourts and vehicle wash centres:

  • At dedicated wash centres, Codax Central Payment Terminal mean they don’t need staff to handle cash. Owners have told us they feel secure knowing that customers are paying for every wash, simply and efficiently from the Codax Central Payment Terminal.
  • Where Codax Central Payment Terminal have been installed on traditional forecourts, owners have reported increased sales of their more expensive wash programmes. Perhaps they attract busier, wealthier customers or maybe marketing messages on the machines encourage people to upgrade. Either way, customers get a better wash and the operator profits.

Codax unattended payment kiosks are now being used across the UK, Europe and in Australia. Installations are quite varied:

For example in San Sebastian, Spain, a Central Payment Terminal is controlling a single WashTec conveyor, while at Karcher wash centres across Norway and Sweden, Central Payment Terminals provide the centralised pay points. In the UK, major supermarkets are complementing the classic Codax codes that are sold in-store with the convenience of Central Payment Terminals on the forecourt.

Customers in different cultures expect different experiences, so you can specify the perfect Codax kiosk from modular options:

  • Payment by bank card or cash, with or without change
  • Top-up the credit on a prepay wash card
  • Select services and programmes using a touch screen or traditional buttons
  • Add voice prompts, with clear instructions in your chosen language
  • Mounting through a wall or in a freestanding unit

How much would you gain from installing unattended payment kiosks for your customers?

You can order brochures (available in several languages) or please get in touch if you would like more information.