It doesn’t matter what the business model is, understanding who is using your car wash services is paramount for long-term success and growth.

There is now plenty of technology and equipment that can help operators get to know their customers better, leading to improved services and happier customers.

Lots of factors will influence customer behaviour and interactions with your car wash – from the specific business model, (e.g. self-service, conveyor, truckwash), to the location, pricing, reputation, and product offerings (to name but a few). But by understanding exactly who your customers are, a lot of these influential factors on a car wash business can be managed much more effectively.

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Benefits of Understanding Who Your Customers Are

There are lots of benefits for businesses willing to take the time to better understand their customers. Most notably, by understanding your customers better, you can help ensure your services and offerings are tailored specifically to them. This helps keep customers happy, leading to increased purchases, higher value purchases and referrals.

Different customers may have different expectations, or different needs from you as an operator. A generic, “one-size fits all” approach is likely to lead to certain customers looking elsewhere. And those customers may just well have been your most profitable. To overcome this, having systems, processes and technology that allow operators to learn who is using their services, how they are using the services, what services they are using, and why they are using the services, means car wash businesses become more effective and profitable.

Understanding your customers also means you can reduce inefficiencies and ineffective tasks. Time, energy and money can be spent on the things that will actually make the biggest impact for your customers.

Taking the time to learn more about who your customers are and how they are interacting with your business also means you can align yourself better within the market to the desires and challenges of potential customers. This helps long-term strategic decisions about market positioning and branding within the industry to maximise sales and growth.

PSD Codax’s Auto Passport System for Customer Insight Data

Various businesses may consider utilising a car wash as part of their product offering. It is an in-demand service that customers want.

But just because something is in demand, doesn’t mean it’s a guarantee for success.

Car wash business models all need to create a high-quality service that customers enjoy and associate value with. This means understanding who your customers are becomes paramount for ensuring a car wash becomes a profitable and successful business service for any operator.

Auto Passport is an example of something that can help car wash operators better understand customers and help increase sales by learning from the data. This is a product we have created here at PSD Codax to help operators overcome challenges associated with ambiguity and uncertainty around who is using their services.

How Can Auto Passport Improve Services and Increase Sales?

The Auto Passport is designed to give operators key data that can help shape their decision making and positioning within the market. This allows them to provide superior services for their customers and drive revenue and growth for the business.

The Auto Passport helps operators understand customers without the need to spend time manually reviewing or hassling customers. Instead, useful data is recorded and stored automatically to help car wash businesses better understand the type of vehicles using their services.

Working alongside other technology, such as the Auto Sentry Flex that can deliver your car wash’s personalized presentation, a two-lane Auto Passport system can process more than 30,000 cars in one month. The data is time stamped and stored for reporting.

Each vehicle can have its own wash options, upgrades, special pricing or even block certain options via the profile settings for the vehicle’s RFID tag. This allows operators to create an incredibly flexible and dynamic service, without the need for more staff or resources. Instead, programmes can be set in the background and display the right info, to the right person, at the right time.

Based on the performance of the business, operators can choose to change/adapt the settings and see how this impacts bottom line – in essence, allowing operators to conduct effective market research and testing to see what works, and what doesn’t.

One of the big advantages of understanding who your customers are, is the ability to tailor offers, marketing and communication to them in a way that will convert. Customers are all going to be in different places within the buying cycle, some first-time customers, others loyal fans of your business returning frequently. The way you communicate with these different customers needs to adapt to ensure you are delivering messaging and products that best suit what they want in that moment in time. Auto Passport is a useful tool to help achieve this.

Alongside systems and equipment, car wash operators can leverage market research and their own surveys to grow their knowledge of their customers and their feelings towards the car wash services.

How Can Car Wash Businesses Measure the Success of a Promotion?

A large number of car wash businesses struggle to measure the success of a promotion. For example, they might issue a barcode in a flyer, but are only able to tell after the promotion has finished how often it had been used – there’s no way of saying what proportion of customers who received the flyer actually used the voucher.

However, with WashConnect, you can generate and distribute unique codes that can only be used once. You’re able to view how many times the voucher has been used, and by which customer, providing vital insight into their behaviours. The success of the campaign can be managed and monitored from a mobile, making a promotion (and the follow-up process) muchs more worthwhile. This software platform is invaluable for all car wash businesses – talk to us today to find out more.

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