As forecourt technology improves, car wash services across the industry are becoming increasingly dynamic. And with more and more independent services successfully establishing themselves, car washes are constantly looking for new and innovative ways to effectively compete on the market. Today’s motorist is both well-informed and short on time- two characteristics that represent an opportunity for modern car washes.

From SUVs to vans and cars to motorcycles, car washes receive a variety of clientele with a range of different needs. Being able to cater to these increasing demands can give you a vital edge over your market competitors, as motorists will be researching their local area for a place that offers them the solution they require. One such solution that today’s savvy motorist is becoming more conscious of is undercarriage cleaning- an activity that few drivers will want to undertake themselves, demand for these services are growing, but not every car wash is equipped to carry out this service.

This, therefore, represents an opportunity for car wash businesses looking to expand their services and reach more customers. In today’s post, the team from PSD Codax, market leaders in access control systems for car washes, will cover exactly what undercarriage cleaning is, and whether or not you should invest in this service for your car wash business.

What is Undercarriage Cleaning?

Undercarriage cleaning refers to the washing and sanitisation of the load-bearing chassis beneath a vehicle’s cabin. Typically, this is accomplished by high pressure sprays that target the vehicle from below as it passes through the car wash, dislodging the built-up residue in the underbody’s drainage holes. For optimal efficiency, hot water is utilised to remove grime, dirt, and debris, and ice water is used to remove oil and grease. Undercarriage cleaning can also be performed manually as well- either at home or indeed by car washes that offer professional hand-washing services. DIY undercarriage cleaning is typically undertaken with pressure washers, strong degreasing agents, and angled brushes.

Undercarriage cleaning constitutes perhaps the most neglected aspect of car maintenance, for the simple reason that people forget to pay attention to the side of the car they cannot see. Any stains, marks, or signs of corrosion suffered by the visible exterior of the car are immediately noticeable, whereas those sustained on the car’s underside often go unnoticed until they cause problems.

So what happens if motorists neglect their vehicle’s undercarriages?

The Benefits of Undercarriage Cleaning

In many ways a car’s undercarriage serves as a shield that protects vital components in the underside assembly, such as the wheels, brakes, and suspension. Like any other part of the car, the undercarriage is subject to the usual wear and tear that comes with driving, which can result in permanent damage if left untreated. It is recommend that drivers clean their car’s undercarriages every few weeks, saving them a lot of money in repair bills and ensuring their car remains safe to drive. If drivers can hear a persistent scraping sound coming from below their vehicle when driving, then this is an indication that something is wrong with the undercarriage. By this point, the damage is usually done and the vehicle is in need of repair. The way to avoid this happening is to clean the car’s chassis consistently.

The car’s undercarriage contains many drainage holes that, over time, become clogged with dirt and grime from the road. Mud forms a layer on the chassis that retains moisture, which then leads to rusting. Rusting on a car’s underbody is a serious problem that can render it unsafe for driving. Salt is also a major cause of undercarriage issues. Used in colder places to melt snow and ice on the road, as well as being present in the air in coastal regions, salt can induce corrosion to critical mechanisms such as the exhaust system, petrol tank, and suspension. Lasty, undercarriages can also be degraded by debris kicked up by the road surface. This is especially pertinent for gravel roads, as small rocks can chip away at the chassis and expose the bare metal- which then leads to rust. Debris can even dislodge a vehicle’s shock absorbers, leaving the components inside of the chassis vulnerable to damage and corrosion.

In summary, undercarriage cleaning:

  • Improves a vehicle’s longevity
  • Improves a vehicle’s safety
  • Prevents undercarriage rusting, which can cost thousands of pounds to repair
  • Restores a vehicle to showroom condition
  • Improves resale value

Types of Car Washes Ideally Suited to Undercarriage Cleaning

Not every car wash is equipped to carry out undercarriage cleaning, and many don’t specify whether they do or don’t offer that service. Therefore, we recommend advertising undercarriage cleaning for your car wash business to stand out from your competitors and appeal to informed motorists looking for the best care for their vehicle. By offering your clientele undercarriage cleaning, you are tacitly positioning your business as a source of authority within the industry.

Here are a couple of car washes ideal for undercarriage cleaning:

  • Hand Car Washes- manual scrubbing by professionals allows for deeper cleaning in the underbody’s nooks and crannies
  • Automatic/Tunnel Car Washes- high pressure nozzles in the grating can spray the undercarriage effectively as it is pulled across the conveyor

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