PSD Codax today announced the latest addition to its product range, the Forecourt Monitor.

Monitoring equipment maintenance and readiness

Although carwash, jet wash and other forecourt valeting equipment is more reliable now than ever before – especially when controlled by a token-free access system like Codax™ – significant revenues are lost by operators every year when equipment is unavailable for use, due to basic omissions in maintenance.

In its simplest form, the Codax Forecourt Monitor is configured to watch over an item of forecourt equipment, making sure that it remains ready to use. The system can also be programmed to know when equipment is expected to be busy and, if no usage is reported, to send an alert to staff to check out the situation.

It is also possible to install the Forecourt Monitor so that it also checks consumables levels. If staff fail to keep shampoo, wax, etc. topped up then it will send alerts  to the appropriate individuals before the wash becomes unusable.

In countries which experience sudden drops in Winter temperatures, the Forecourt Monitor can be supplied with temperature sensing. If the ambient temperature drops below a safe level while the wash is still active, staff can be alerted, reminding them to close the wash to the public and follow their regular procedures for protecting against freezing.

Recording service level data

For the increasing proportion of carwash and jet wash installations operated under maintenance contracts or as profit share initiatives, Forecourt Monitor provides reliable evidence of maintenance being completed and of revenues collected.

All of this operating data can be viewed by authorised users through a secure online portal. Data sorting and simple analysis tools within the portal are complemented by the ability to export data for reporting by clients’ own business systems.

Flexible installation

The Forecourt Monitor is designed to be fitted on almost any item of forecourt equipment, including car wash, jet wash, vacuums and air lines. It operates independently from other Codax products, so can also be installed on equipment with just coin or token mechanisms.