PSD Codax has been a leader in car wash forecourt technology since 1991.  We have been the standard for years as the best way to activate your car wash system regardless of manufacturer of the car wash equipment.  Over the years we have progressed from a simple keypad for code entry to offer a wider range of systems that allow the customers visiting forecourts to make purchases for services of all types (jet wash, rollover, conveyors and vacuums) and able to integrate quite easily for the consumer to use.

In 2016, PSD Codax introduced a new line of entry system products with card payment and video interface and expanded the offering of all the existing systems we make now include multi-site connectivity, an operators mobile application for remote monitoring as well as a back-office management system called WashConnect to manage all sites on the network.  In 2019, we introduced our contactless mobile payment application for the operators’ as well with our WashNOW! Mobile application that allows customers’ to buy wash services in an application found in the Apple and Android app stores.  This will make the safe use of the entry terminal free from contact by just scanning a bar code at the terminal instead of entering a wash code on the keypad.

We have also introduced a way for car wash operators to sell wash services on their own website with our ePOS system that integrates directly with their current website.  This service allow customers who visit the operators website to view and purchase all the wash services available on their forecourt, sending the customer a bar code to use on the site to redeem their services purchased enhancing their experience onsite and improving their speed of service.  This allows for more customer throughput and truly contactless transactions for the car wash.

At PSD Codax, we are continuously working on bringing the latest technology to the car wash market to enhance the operators offering and the customers experience on their site.  We will continue to provide the best tools for the operators use at the car wash.  We will be introducing later this year a new Auto Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) system that integrates directly to our WashConnect back office software at the car wash for managing the daily customers, wash clubs and fleet business models that will simplify the process even more for our operators. This will also allow customers to use the forecourt services without making contact with any payment terminals or keypads onsite.  We working on improving the operators’ ownership experience at the same time improving the consumers’ onsite experience, safe visit after safe visit.