UK-based PSD Codax, the market leading developer of token-free control systems for car wash and associated equipment, has signed a deal with New Zealand’s biggest vehicle cleaning equipment installer.

Car Kleen is using Codax technology to control customer access to self-service vehicle vacuums which it is installing at petrol stations operated by Z Energy, formerly Shell New Zealand.

The Auckland-based retailer is already using Codax terminals to control car wash transactions at more than 40 forecourt sites.

The Codax system works by giving each customer a slip of paper with a unique six digit code. The customer drives up to the equipment and keys the code into the Codax touchpad to start the car wash and / or vacuum services that they have purchased.

Steve Jans, managing director of Car Kleen, said: “The Codax system enables us to integrate all car wash and vacuum equipment on just one system and provides us with a far more efficient and secure audit trail for each site, with detailed sales data readily accessed from tills.

“There’s no cash going into the vacuum equipment which eliminates the risk of theft from sites. The Codax system also makes it easier to up-sell discounted vacuum services on the back of premium car washes.”

Graham Round, managing director of PSD Codax, said: “We are delighted that Car Kleen has chosen to integrate our Codax technology with both its self-service car wash and vacuum installations across New Zealand.

“The same Codax system can control practically any forecourt equipment – automatic and self-wash – including car washes, jet washes, vacuums and tyre inflators.”