The product development team at PSD Codax has been busy developing new solutions to make it easier for retailers to up-sell car wash services and for customers to use them.

They include the new Codax select and pay terminal which has a specially positioned touch screen. Codax managing director Graham Round said: “Touch screens are always an issue in open sunlight but careful mounting of the screen shields it from direct sunlight to avoid glare.”

The new terminals can accept pin-free bank transactions – similar to contactless payments in shops – which means motorists don’t have to key in a PIN number or queue at the sales desk to pay. And if they run out of wash credits on their multi-wash smartcard, they can top it up at Codax terminals with their bank card day or night.

“Many motorists already pay for their petrol at the pump and providers of automated car wash services need to do the same in order to attract and retain customers,” added Graham. “It suits our busy life styles to be able to drive straight into the wash bay.”

He continued: “Our new touch screen terminals create more opportunities for up-selling as well by asking customers if they would like extra services, such as extra pre-wash and vacuum services.”

Codax is also introducing voice instructions on its unattended select & pay and pay at wash terminals to make them easier for customers to use.

The new self-service machines talk customers through the different services and options and feature the latest bankcard processing technology for faster payment authorisation. Voice files can be easily changed to enable retailers around the world to provide spoken instructions in local languages.