The market for electric cars is growing rapidly. According to the latest vehicle stats, electric car sales rose 40% in 2022, with more than 1 in 10 new vehicles being electric. As deadlines for climate goals approach rapidly, the popularity of electric vehicles isn’t likely to slow any time soon – but can installation of charging points keep up with the demand? While electric vehicles boast a range of appealing advantages, a frequently reported challenge is a lack of easily accessible chargers available to the owners of electric vehicles.

In addition to petrol and service stations, car washes offer one of the most appropriate contexts for electric charging points. In this blog from PSD Codax, we outline some of the benefits associated with installing a charging point at your car wash.

What are the Benefits of Installing an Electric Charging Point at a Car Wash?

Increased Footfall

Almost 30,000 charging points will be required across the UK by 2030 to meet electric vehicle charging needs. (source) All electric vehicle owners will require charge points periodically, even if they do have their own at home. Over the coming years, the number of drivers requiring this service is set to soar, so installing a charging point is a great USP that helps you stand out from other car washes who may not provide this service. Apps such as Zap Map and Pod Point allow drivers to locate charging points along their journey. Installing change points allows your business to be listed on such services – these will attract customers and establish your destination as a notable stop off for electric vehicle owners. In addition to simply attracting more customers, installing electric charging points also increases the appeal of your business to customers travelling from outside the area. Of course, charging points are ideal for local, frequenting customers but can also do great things for the wider profile of your business. Keeping up with the needs of a modern driver can really help put your car wash on the map.

Increase Customer Visit Duration

When it comes to maximising the profitability of your carwash, additional services are essential. Whether your car wash offers screen repair, tyre pressure gauges or electric charging points – all of these both increase the appeal of your business. Not only does offering more services increase the likelihood of a customer visiting your business at all, it is also likely to increase the duration of time spent at your car wash. The more time a customer spends at your business, the more susceptible they are to advertising of alternative services. The more services they utilise, the more profit gained by your business.

Increased Awareness for your Business

With electric vehicles yet to become ‘the norm’ for typical drivers, installing electric charging points may not be a high priority for businesses. However, installing electric charging points helps keep your business ahead of the curve and offers them a unique selling point. As previously stated, installing electric charging points also lends itself to increased exposure though apps designed for those who drive electric. It should also be considered that electric vehicles are simply a prominent talking point in conversation – should your business install changing points, it is likely that locals will make note as a point of interest.

Future Proof your Business

 Welcome or not, the motor vehicle industry is set to change dramatically over the coming decades and it is essential that businesses who service this industry adapt accordingly. The government are applying increasing pressure on businesses and families to switch to electric vehicles. Installing an electric charging point at your car wash prepares your business for incoming changes and demonstrates active environmental efforts on your behalf. 

What Charging Point Schemes are Available?

At present, the Office for Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV) is offering a selection of grants to help fund electric cars and the installation of electric chargers. These schemes cover the buying of new low emission cars, installing at home charging points, on street parking points and workplace charging points. If your car wash business is hoping to install a electric charging point, qualifying for the workplace charging point may be an option.

Improve Your Car Wash with PSD Codax

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