CB Services, operators of forecourts and carwash services in Northern Ireland, are the latest to install self-service carwash kiosks with contactless – or PIN-free – card readers.

There is a clear trend across Europe to use bank cards more, even for low value transactions. Contactless payments are increasing 174% year on year and in the UK, consumers can pay for services up to £30 (€40) in value.

With this in mind, the team at CB Services decided that the time was right to install new carwash kiosks that allow customers to self-select and pay for carwash services, with contactless or chip and PIN card payments but not cash.

The two new carwash machines, installed at EuroSpar in Belfast and Super Value in Ballymoney Antrim, are both located some distance from the main store, so they are choosing to operate the automatic car wash installations as standalone, unattended services. By installing PSD Codax Pay at Wash kiosks they are enabling customers to drive up and pay for a car wash without having to queue in-store.

CB Services chose Codax Pay at Wash kiosks because they make it so quick and easy for customers to drive up to the wash bay, select a programme and pay. These units also eliminate the security issues around cash boxes in machines out on the forecourt.

Codax Pay at Wash kiosks are in use throughout the World with contactless card payments also being accepted at sites in the Netherlands.