PSD Codax, the market leading developer of token-free control systems for car wash equipment, is launching its new mobile phone app in the UK at the International Forecourt & Fuel Equipment Show 2013.

Motorists using the Codax Go-Wash mobile app can select and buy car wash services on a mobile device from the comfort of their vehicles. Customers receive an authorisation code on their mobile phone screen which they scan at the wash bay to start their wash programme.

The Go-Wash app also enables motorists to search for participating retailers in their local area and view car wash menus for individual forecourt sites. To use the Codax Go-Wash service motorists just register their bank card details when signing up online.

Codax Go-Wash works with wash terminals that feature Codax Smart-Start technology which allows customers to activate services using a smartphone, contactless smartcard, printed barcode or traditional Codax numerical code.

The Codax Go-Wash app is powered by Core Engine from Corethree, an award-winning platform for mobile commerce, CRM and systems integration.

Graham Round, managing director of PSD Codax, said: “The new Go-Wash mobile app is set to transform the way motorists in the UK use and buy car wash services.

“With more people now using mobile phone apps, Go-Wash will make it much easier for motorists to select and buy wash services without getting out of their cars. And because they no longer have to queue to pay, or key in codes at the wash bay, it will also speed up the throughput of motorists and help retailers boost car wash revenues.

“Retailers can also offer special promotions to encourage initial sign-up and generate greater customer loyalty among Go-Wash users.”