PSD Codax Forecourt Safe Contactless Transactions for Car Wash

PSD Codax has been a leader in car wash forecourt technology since 1991.  We have been the standard for years as the best way to activate your car wash system regardless of manufacturer of the car wash equipment.  Over the years we have progressed from a simple keypad for code entry to offer a wider [...]

2020-06-09T10:05:13+01:00June 9th, 2020|

Leveraging Mobile Apps for Car Wash Businesses

We discussed the unstoppable rise of mobile payment apps in a recent article ‘A Beginner’s Guide to Mobile Payment Apps’, but when it comes to technology, it is not just the world of fast and simple payments that have the power to revolutionise the customer experience and management of your car wash business. Here at [...]

2020-06-11T13:09:26+01:00May 29th, 2020|

A Beginner’s Guide to Mobile Payment Apps

Launched back in 2015, Apple Pay became the first of many apps allowing consumers to ditch the need for credit cards and cash payments. Android Pay (now referred to as Google Pay following its merge with Google Wallets) launched in 2016 and Samsung Pay followed in close pursuit in 2017, which opened up the market [...]

2020-06-11T13:04:50+01:00May 4th, 2020|

Launching and Managing Car Wash Deals & Promotions– Tips and Ideas

Once you have successfully established your business and a steady flow of vehicles are starting to roll through your carwash, it is essential that you don’t become focussed exclusively on simply adding more new customers. It is a fundamental error in business to overlook the customers you already have and not to acknowledge the loyalty [...]

2020-06-11T12:59:34+01:00March 6th, 2020|

Cashless Car Washes – Getting started with this new trend

People of all ages are increasingly turning to cashless options when paying for goods and services, appreciating the convenience and flexibility that these alternatives offer. The Payments Council predicts that most consumer purchases in the U.K. this year will be cashless, a phenomenon that is being principally driven by millennial consumers who are less reliant [...]

2020-06-10T16:02:24+01:00February 14th, 2020|

Using RFID Technology for Your Car Wash

RFID (radio-frequency identification) is the technology whereby encoded digital data in RFID tags are captured by a reader via radio waves. There are three components to an RFID system: an RFID tag, an RFID reader, and an antenna. This technology can be extremely useful in car wash businesses, so this article provides a quick overview [...]

2020-06-10T15:57:35+01:00December 16th, 2019|

The Importance of EMV, PCI Compliance & Payment Security for Car Wash Payment Terminals

Payment security should be a top priority when choosing a point-of-sale system for a car wash business. EMV and the types of transactions any proposed system supports should be taken into consideration. By affording the time to conduct proper due diligence from the outset, businesses will be protected from compliance headaches and financial losses in [...]

2020-06-09T09:54:49+01:00November 30th, 2019|

Everything You Need to Know About Fleet Cards for Car Washes

Fleet cards have been on the market for quite some time and continue to provide value to both consumers and businesses. They bring considerable benefits to the business, and employees can benefit from use too. In this age, with its need for continual diversification, initiative and innovation, fleet cards are becoming a very popular payment [...]

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Benefits of Digital Menu Signs for Your Car Wash

With an ever-growing digitalised economy, the global digital signage market is predicted to rise by an estimated 7.3% over the next 5 years. The benefits of having centrally controlled digital signs to replace old communication tools has led to an increased demand for digital signage products, particularly in commercial places such as retail stores, hospitality [...]

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Car Wash Business Plan 2020

Before you invest your money and time into establishing or growing a car wash business, you need to take a step back and carefully analyse all aspects of your proposed business idea. The vehicle for doing this is a “business plan”, which should demonstrate to potential partners, investors and employees that you are committed to [...]

2019-10-01T12:54:11+01:00September 25th, 2019|
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