Clean Express is a new, unmanned self-service wash centre built in a suburb of Stockholm. They have four self-service jet wash bays and self-service vacuum cleaners.

The challenge

As with any unmanned wash centre, security and reliability needed to be outstanding. For this reason the owners wanted all payments and cash holding to be in a single, secured location on the site. They also wanted to avoid tokens, which often jam and can also attract thieves, who cause expensive damage as they try to break in.

The solution

The installers recommended Codax because of the proven reliability of our token-free access systems and the flexibility and security of our payment terminals.

All of the carwash, jet wash and vacuum cleaners at Clean Express are controlled by the Codax code access system and accept Codax Value and Tracker Smartcards.

There is a single Codax Payment Kiosk, securely mounted into a building, where customers can make their selections using a clear, rugged touch screen user interface. Most customers pay using bank cards, although they also have the option of using bank notes. The bankcard terminal within the Payment Kiosk accepts chip and pin cards and can processes pin-free transactions.

More details

If you would like to find out more, please see details of the Codax system and our self service payment systems on our website. Or contact us on +44 1275 866910 to discuss your specific requirements.


When customers pay for a service, the machine prints a standard Codax access ticket with a secure access code printed in barcode format which they scan at the wash or vacuum bay to start their chosen option.

The Clean Express centre also includes the Codax smartcard system so they can give pre-pay cards to regular customers and also offer account cards to fleet users. The cards are conveniently credit-card sized and are branded as the ‘Clean Express Car Cleaning Pass’, providing a constant reminder to return to the centre.

Customers with pre-pay cards can add credit quickly and easily using the Codax Payment Kiosk. For customers with account cards, the Codax Card Manager software provides detailed usage reports ready for invoicing.