To grow a successful car wash business, operators and teams need to make strategic decisions. Creating and analysing reports relating to specific business functions can help make these strategic decisions easier.

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Importance of Analysis and Reporting in the Car Wash Industry

By spending more time analysing key business data and reporting back within the business, car wash operators can ensure they make better decisions. Guess-work and generalisations can be removed from top-level strategy and be replaced by data-driven roadmaps for the business to follow.

It also allows businesses to spot and identify mistakes early. This can help mitigate the impact of any mistakes and ensure the business can tackle any issues quickly and effectively. Businesses can also learn from their mistakes and delve into understanding the underlying causes of any problems.

Is a certain service more popular on certain days? Is a certain type of customer creating most of the revenue? Does the weather impact sales? Are loyalty programmes failing to encourage repeat purchases? Are certain employees hitting targets? Is a vital piece of equipment in danger of breaking?

All these types of questions can be crucial for car wash businesses to understand, which is why embedding a culture that values reporting and data analysis, can be so beneficial and a significant competitive edge.

Teams and management can be empowered to know exactly what is working (and what isn’t) and why it is working (or isn’t). This means decisions become clear and ambiguity doesn’t plague potential business growth.

So, how can businesses get started with better reporting and analysis within their daily operations?

Getting Started with Reporting

The type of things a car wash business will want to report, and track, will vary depending on the specific business model. A rollover car wash may have specific circumstances than aren’t applicable to a self-service car wash or a petrol station. For bespoke advice and insights relating to your specific business, simply get in touch with us here at PSD Codax, and we’ll be happy to offer personalised recommendations based on your requirements.

Nevertheless, there are a few areas that are likely to apply to any car wash business model.

Machine and Equipment Reporting

All car wash businesses have machines and equipment. These machines can be large, often expensive and quite complex. This means understanding (and being proactive in maintaining) their performance can be important to reduce any downtime. Mechanical fails or problems need addressing as soon as possible, so having systems, processes and reporting in place, can ensure any vital equipment is monitored to help operators feel more confident their key assets are running smoothly.

Marketing and Promotions

Marketing and promotional campaigns are likely to help contribute to the overall success of a car wash. But not all marketing and promotional campaigns will be successful. In fact, many will fail, and some will succeed beyond expectations. The importance is identifying and understanding which campaigns have had the biggest impact on the business.

This means tracking and monitoring any marketing efforts can help you decide whether they need changing or not.

Digital marketing allows very detailed reports on campaigns, but even offline marketing such as using direct mail or loyalty cards can also be tracked and monitored too. For example, loyalty card usage could be tracked to understand how effective they are at generating repeat purchases. Or perhaps a specific referral channel that is delivering a superior ROI can be tracked to ensure this data is highlighted to operators.

These kinds of insights provide enough data to shape future campaigns and marketing ideas.


Understanding cash flow and revenue forecasts is paramount for any car wash business model to gain sustainable growth. Some technology may be more expensive but require less input/ongoing costs. Meanwhile, certain business activities may be providing a substantially better ROI. All this data can be used to streamline efficiencies and remove issues/obstacles within any part of the business.

Our technology here at PSD Codax is designed to collect, store and communicate useful insights and features to improve the effectiveness of your car wash business.

Having a clear and defined reporting process for all administrative tasks and duties helps managers and business owners gain a comprehensive understanding of how “successful” the business truly is in terms of revenue and profits.


Regardless of the technology adopted by a car wash, people are still likely to play a defining role in how successful the business is. Embracing employee feedback surveys and taking the time to listen to those working in the car wash will help ensure any car wash business flourishes.

Tracking employee performance also means businesses know who to put where within the business. This helps improve the effectiveness of the workforce.


Similarly, customers lie at the heart of any business. Paying attention to reports that shine light on customer reviews, feelings, and behaviours will help car washes keep their customers happy. Understanding your customers also means new products or services naturally fall into place, instead of trying to launch something that no one actually wants.

Learning as much as you can about your customers, their likes, interests, buying preferences, etc, will all help improve your services and products to suit them. Products like our Auto Passport allow operators to collect this information seamlessly in the background while customers enjoy a quick and efficient service.

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