With an ever-growing digitalised economy, the global digital signage market is predicted to rise by an estimated 7.3% over the next 5 years. The benefits of having centrally controlled digital signs to replace old communication tools has led to an increased demand for digital signage products, particularly in commercial places such as retail stores, hospitality and any public space for advertisement. Along with increased demand, continuous advances in technology mean that now is the perfect time to take advantage of all that digital market signage has to offer to boost your own business.

Here at PSD Codax, we strive to keep afloat of current market trends and cutting-edge technology. As such, we are delighted to be able to offer a digital menu sign for the car wash industry. By delving into the benefits of installing digital menu signs you can further understand how to utilise screens to optimise the performance, boost customer retention and generate sales at your own car wash business.

Using Digital Menu Signs in Your Car Wash

Easy to Read

Visually driven content tends to receive more attention and is easier to read than heavy text such as that found in email communication, brochures or even paper notes. With digital signage, by sharing small pieces of vital information; such as your car wash opening hours, current offers and discounts or a service pricelist; on the high-resolution display with light emitting diodes (LEDs), the vital information regarding your car wash is easily communicated to your customers.

Of course, at your car wash, the likelihood of your digital signs being outside is high and therefore it is vital the weather is taken into account in the design of your digital screens. At PSD Codax, our 46-inch screens have a sunlight-readable display and built in temperature and humidity controls (allowing operation between -28 °C to 48 °C), so that you can rest assured the outdoor elements will never interfere with the ease of reading your digital signs.

Animated graphics and videos

Providing your digital sign supports graphics, animations and video (at PSD Codax, they do!), you can easily entice your customers by causing them to pause and look at your products or services. Video and animations are far more engaging than stills. This enriched method of advertising is a great way to showcase your products and a sure-fire way to grab the attention of those passing by. This may result in attracting new customers to your business and increase the likelihood of impulse buys. If the thought of complex animations and graphics sounds overwhelming to you, don’t worry, all of these are easily controlled with a few clicks!

Professional Appearance

With technology seeping into almost all aspects of our lives, traditional print signage can fail to give off an impression of a modern, forward-thinking business, in the way in which a digital menu sign can. With the professional appearance of a digital menu sign, you can give your car wash an impressive edge over your competitors and ensure that people are talking about your business for all the right reasons.

When used effectively, digital menu signs ensure that all information is up-to-date. The days of old advertising fliers finding their way back to you months after a promotion has ended are over. Whilst of course an initial investment is needed for a digital menu sign, the long-term cost implications of running your professional car wash business decreases with no need for the traditional costly printing and distribution of advertising material that is then discarded once a promotion has ended.

Improves customer experiences

Digital signs can especially improve customer experience at a car wash if they are utilised to guide customers in their vehicles in the correct direction and lanes. Combined with how easy digital signs are to read, they will help avoid customer confusion, and with vital information clearly displayed, you also remove the need for multiple employees out on the forecourt.

Furthermore, if you’ve ever been tempted to buy a product or service but found the lack of pricing enough of an inconvenience to put you off your purchase, then you will understand the improved customer experience that a clear digital menu can offer. Whether you utilise your digital signs for guidance round the forecourt or for product and service information, the clarity and ease in which they are understood makes for a positive car wash experience. One which will ensure your customers return again and again.

Easy to manage and adapt

The day-to-day communication between your business and customers can be easily controlled with digital signs. Gone are the days of tirelessly peeling off old advertisements, reprinting new replacements or fliers in a bid to communicate vital information on the products and services at your car wash.

By quickly and easily updating your screens you can deliver up-to-date content and even make it relevant to different times of the day or week. Digital signs also make it super easy to quickly test marketing tactics to find out which promotions are working; due to the fact you change and adapt the advertisements at the click of a button. And whilst we hope an emergency situation never arises at your car wash, the ease with which a digital menu can be updated with vital information may prove invaluable should a situation arise such as a chemical spill or hazardous vehicle on the forecourt.

Learn More with PSD Codax

If you’re feeling inspired to give your car wash business a modern face-lift with the use of digital menu signs and to harness the business benefits they bring, or to simply find out more about the digital menu signs available (as well as all our other products designed for car wash operators), please do not hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team at PSD Codax today.