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Vending Solutions

Vending Solutions

The World’s leading code access system is also delivering secure, convenient payment control beyond the forecourt:

If you offer gourmet coffee or similar premium vending, Codax can practically eliminate shrinkage, whilst saving your customers the discomfort of waiting in line to pay with a hot drink in hand.

At driving ranges, Codax is far more reliable than having token mechanisms on ball dispensers. It also allows you to offer discounted rates at off-peak periods.

    How it works

    Codax makes light work of access control for your customers and your staff. These are the three simple steps that they follow:

    • Authorize access. Your staff use the simple, dedicated Codax terminal to select the required product or service. If you have just a single item to vend, the process is even simpler. The Codax system immediately generates a unique and secure access code.
    • Print the code for the customer. The Codax terminal prints the six-digit access code onto a slip of paper for the customer. Because the paper is bright yellow, it is unlikely to get lost before they have a chance to use it.
    • Enter the code to gain access. At the machine, all that your customer needs to do is enter the six-digit code on the keypad. Vending commences immediately.

    The Codax system has provided millions of people with easy access to carwashes and similar services for more than a decade. Its simplicity and reliability have been proven beyond doubt.

    Ease of installation

    Codax keypads can be installed on most types of equipment, old or new. They are sufficiently compact to be mounted flush on most panels or walls. They are also designed to cope easily with installation in exposed, outdoor positions.

    There is no need to run cables between the ticket-issuing terminal and the access controller: The two are pre-configured as a pair so recognize their own set of valid codes. This makes Codax perfect for controlling access no matter whether the vending machine is nearby or at a distance from your store.

    Flexibility in use

    You may choose to limit the validity of any of your Codax codes, in line with your product pricing or conditions of service.

    • Time limits. You may set a code to expire within a set time of being issued. This can be particularly useful for time-limited promotions.
    • Off-peak hours. If you want to sell your services at discounted rates during quieter periods, you can issue Codax codes that are only valid during those defined off-peak periods.
    • Multi-point access. If you have two equivalent vending machines, your customers are free to choose the one most convenient for them. The Codax controller on either device can accept the code. Once it has granted access it informs its counterpart so that the code cannot be used again.
    For more or information or to discuss your specific requirements, please contact us.

    In summary:

    • Enabling up-front payment for unattended services
    • Suitable for almost any vending mechanism
    • Great for gourmet coffee and golf ranges