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Hosted Systems

Hosted Systems

If you have a modern retail network and POS equipment then you can avoid the need for any extra equipment in-store with a hosted Codax™ solution.

Codax Vtt™ provides all the functionality you need to generate and print secure access codes for all your carwash programs and other valet services, direct from your POS equipment.

A central server, accessed across your retail network, replaces the Codax equipment which is normally used to manage the code-generation process.

The Codax controllers on each carwash can either connect back our secure server over your network or they can continue to operate in cable-free mode.

If your wide area network (WAN) is not suitable for remote management of access control, our Codax Ethernet Terminal linked to your local area network (LAN) may be the solution for your business.

For more details, please refer to the Codax Vtt product overview or contact us to discuss the practicalities of this approach for your organization.

In summary:

  • Increase marketing flexibility and speed of response
  • Centralized control of fully flexible pricing
  • Sell more online and at self-service devices