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Cable Free

Cable Free

Codax™ can be installed on all your new and existing forecourt equipment, no matter whether your site can accommodate new cable runs or not.

If you are able to install cabling, so that the Codax access terminals on your forecourt equipment are connected back to the retail terminal(s) then the system can provide more features. With a fully-cabled system, staff can check whether a code has been used already. They also have the option of cancelling an unused code. The Codax retail terminal can also alert you to problems with your carwash or any other linked equipment, including tampering with the keypad, use of the emergency stop button and more.

However if you are unable to run cables from the shop to some or all of your forecourt equipment, then Codax access controllers can operate effectively in cable-free mode. With this kind of setup, access to your carwash, jet wash and other equipment remains secure: Only access codes generated in your store can be used and customers cannot reuse a code.

However with a cable-free installation, some functionality is restricted. The main restrictions are:

  • Check a ticket and cancel ticket: With a cable-free installation, your staff cannot use the retail terminal to see whether a customer has used a particular code or not and they cannot cancel a code that has been issued.
  • Basic fault reporting: In cable-free mode, faults reported on the equipment cannot be sent back to the retail terminal; they will however be displayed clearly on the Codax access terminal on the equipment.
  • Ticket validity control: With a cabled installation codes remain valid until used. This is contrast to a cabled system where you can limit the validity of codes so they have to be used within a certain timeframe.
  • Multi-use: If a customer wants to buy multiple washes with a cable-free installation, you will have to issue a separate code for each wash. This may be seen as less convenient than having a single code which can be used a number of times, with a cabled system.

Linking identical units

If you have two items of forecourt equipment that offer identical services – for example two jet wash units – you can make life easier for customers, allowing them to use their Codax code at the first available machine. This can be achieved without the need for a fully cabled installation; instead a short connection is made between the two machines using a Codax Dual Link Kit or a radio link kit.

Similarly, the Codax Network Controller (CNC) is designed for cable-free control at multi-bay wash centers. It allows multiple bays or machines to be linked together without the need for a long cable run back to the sales outlet.

For more or information or to discuss your specific requirements, please contact us.
Retail terminal
Additional Retail Terminal(s)
Carwash 1
Carwash 2
Jet Wash 1
Jet Wash 2
Vacuum Cleaner
Tyre Inflator

Two carwashes
fully cabled for

Two jetwashes
work in parallel
without a long
cable run.

Vacuum and Tyre Services work
stand-alone, without cabling.

Optional link to
POS equipment.

Additional connectors
for more services.

In summary:

  • Codax systems can be installed without new cable-runs
  • Part-cabled systems add features and convenience