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System Overview

System Overview

At the heart of the Codax™ system is the short numerical code which gives customers access to the services that they have paid for.

This unique code is securely generated by the Codax unit and printed on a ticket or receipt for the customer. When the customers drives up to your equipment, they simply enter the code to start the program running. Except in the case of special multi-buys, any further attempt to use this code will be rejected.

The complete process is shown below. Or you may download a more technical installation illustration.

POS integration Self service payment Smart Start and the Codax Keypad Forecourt Monitor Cable-free installation Image Map Codax Smartcard Go-Wash app for iPhone and Android

Standalone sales terminals

Codax sales terminals are easy for staff to operate and take minimal space on the counter.

Flexible self-service options

Give customers all the convenience of self-service with Codax self-pay kiosks.

Part of your retail network

Whatever your POS system, Codax offers POS integration options for simple, secure selling.

Simple, familiar choices for your customers

Codax codes are so simple to use and familiar to millions of carwash customers. With Codax Smartcard you can also offer prepay and account cards to build customer loyalty.

Positioned for customer convenience

With Codax, your customers don’t have to struggle to activate the wash; our Smart-Start units and keypads are simple to use and can be fitted almost anywhere.

Keeping managers informed

With Forecourt Monitor you can keep tighter control of your forecourt with detailed reporting, as well as instant alerts if equipment goes offline.

Flexible installation options

If you are not able to run cables between your retail outlet and the forecourt equipment, cable-free control is available.

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In summary:

  • Reducing shrinkage and unauthorized use
  • Eliminating unreliable token mechanisms
  • Delivering a familiar, hassle-free customer experience.