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The Codax Smartcard™ system works alongside our proven code access system to provide a more streamlined and rewarding experience for your customers, while allowing access codes to be issued for one-off transactions, as before.

Drive more Sales with Smarter Promotions

The dynamic add-on for selected Codax installations.

For customers who use your carwashes and other valet services regularly – including taxis, driving instructors and sales people – the Codax Smartcard system can provide benefit over and above code-access, giving access to time-saving multi-buys and attractive loyalty discounts.

It supports:

Program cards – to which customers add pre-determined wash programs or multi-buy deals.
Value cards – which are topped-up with value, so customers can select any available wash program.
Tracker cards – for recording usage to bill fleet and account users.

The Codax Smartcard system enables you to run fleet schemes, car wash clubs and other innovative loyalty promotions with minimal administrative overhead and without adding any complexity for your retail staff.

It is offered as an option (fully integrated) on new installations and can be retro-fitted to existing installations. Unlike old-fashioned wash cards, Codax Smartcard uses contactless technology which has no unreliable moving parts and no sensitive magnetic stripe.

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Promoting more frequent use

In many regions, even loyal customers use carwashes far less than the norm elsewhere. With effective promotions you can transform the behavior of these consumers so that your equipment generates greater income and your most profitable customers receive the best value. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Members-only tariffs. When a Smartcard is inserted, the Codax terminal knows to offer additional members-only programs at prices that are not available to walk-up customers.
  • Multi-buy options. To encourage greater use of your services, the Smartcard system can support flexible promotions, such as three-for-two, ten-for-five or other bulk-buy savers.
  • Regular wash scheme or car wash club. To encourage more frequent use of your facilities you may, for example, sell a series of washes, each of which is valid for a week at a time. Or you may offer discounted prices for regular users.
  • Off-peak and mid-rate. Codax Smartcard offers more off-peak flexibility than the traditional code-access system. For example, you may define peak, off-peak and mid periods, as well as individually time-restricted offers.
  • Fleet and account cards. Business users – from fleet operators to individual taxi drivers – can be issued with ‘tracker cards’ that allow them to use your services regularly with the convenience of a single, itemized monthly invoice.
  • Truck and bus washes. You may issue cards to drivers or allocate them to individual vehicle, in order to monitor the usage of your wash facilities. Restricted program cards ensure that only permitted wash programs are used.
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Flexibility in use

However you want to run your promotional scheme or carwash club, the Codax Smartcard System has the flexibility to deliver. Because it is an integral part of the proven Codax access code system, you can issue customers with either single-use codes or Smartcard services without complication.

In accordance with your financial reporting or franchising arrangements, you may prefer your cards to be valid at just a single outlet. Alternatively, customers may top-up and use their card at a group of your sites.

Each individual card may be charged up with specific wash programs, multi-buy bundles or generic wash units (a ‘value card’). Value cards allow users to select their desired wash program at the wash bay and make use of your other valeting facilities.

Codax Smartcard uses standard proximity cards with the striking ‘Car Wash Pass’ design. However you can opt to have your own design and branding printed onto your cards.


The data on Codax Smartcards is security encrypted so that it cannot be tampered with, falsified or accessed by any unauthorised person.

Minimizing complexity

The Codax Smartcard System allows you to run flexible promotions with minimal effort and overhead.

Because the card itself holds details of the customer’s recent purchases and usage there is no need for complicated data storage. The Codax terminal reads data from the card and acts upon it directly, offering suitable promotions, trial offers and loyalty bonuses.

In this way the Codax Smartcard System operates without a costly data centre or complex loyalty management system – keeping installation straightforward and configuration simple.

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