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Payment Solutions

Payment Solutions

Installing self-service payment options for your carwash, jet wash and other forecourt equipment can help you hold on to potential customers who would have been unwilling to wait in line to pay in the forecourt shop.

Self-pay solutions are integral to the market-leading Codax™ code access system. Customers may choose to pay in the shop or pay for their choice of wash or valet out on the forecourt.

Our self-service solutions are available in two editions:

  • Codax pay@wash allows customers to drive directly to the wash and pay with a card – or to purchase an access code in the normal way from the shop.
  • Codax select&pay is a complete solution for attended and unattended wash centers and other outlets with multiple units.

Codax pay@wash – Simple self-pay at the wash bay

This unit allows your customers to pay at the carwash using credit or debit cards. It also provides a standard Codax keypad for those customers who prefer to pay and receive their access code while in the shop.


It has an in-built chip and pin card reader and keypad. All transactions are authenticated using secure, reliable wireless communications. The unit’s printer provides customers with a card receipt and gives them the option of printing a full sales receipt.


As with all PSD Codax terminals, the pay@wash units can be mounted onto a wall or in a free-standing pedestal. This allows the keypad to be installed in the best position for ease of use by customers either in their vehicles or on-foot.


PSD Codax self-pay units can be specified on any new forecourt equipment. They can also be incorporated into your existing installations to benefit all your customers.

Codax select&pay – One pay point for all of your services:

This flexible, easy-to-use kiosk operates unattended, enabling customers to quickly and easily select the exact service they require (car wash, jet wash, vacuum or others) and the specific service options (for example which car wash program or how many jet-wash minutes). It allows them to pay with a card or coins.

Banknote acceptors are also available.

Just like a Codax retail terminal, it issues a six-digit code which gives the customer access to their chosen service(s).

Alternatively, it can vend a Codax smartcard, pre-loaded with the customer’s preferred number of wash programs, or value of wash units. Codax select&pay terminals can also be used by your customers to top-up their used cards.

PSD Codax can supply any combination of payment options to meet your requirements: Card readers, coin mechanisms and banknote acceptors.

Making the selection

This self-service unit is as intuitive and easy to use as the original Codax retail terminal. Customers follow simple instructions on the screen and use the large buttons to make their selections.

All of the program options available in-store can be sold by these units, including multi-buy and buy-time for jet wash or vacuums.


The Codax self-service payment terminal is fitted with an approved card-reader specific to the country of installation. For the most demanding security regimes this may include a chip reader, keypad and online authentication through a secure wireless connection.

As with all our self-pay units, this incorporates a printer which issues customer receipts for each transaction.

Any receipt that is not taken is withdrawn automatically to prevent litter, minimize the risk of identity theft and avoid paper jams.

Physical security is also excellent as the unit’s stainless steel case provides resilience against attack. For the most vulnerable locations, additional security options are available.

For more or information or to discuss your specific requirements, please contact us.


In summary:

  • Removing obstacles to drive extra sales
  • Supporting unattended car wash centers
  • No cash handling by wash center attendants