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Go-Wash App

Codax Go-Wash™ App for iPhone and Android

The new app for iPhone and Android phones that helps customers find your carwash, select and pay for wash programmes and even collect loyalty rewards.

Codax Go-Wash is an extension to the proven Codax code access system. Now customers who don’t want to wait in line to buy a wash programme can instead select and pay using a secure mobile app. The app allows their phone to communicate directly with the Codax equipment at the wash bay and start their purchased programme.

Codax Go-Wash also includes an optional loyalty module. The system can automatically award points for premium or repeat purchases and allow customers to save up and redeem free washes.

To drive new customers to your business, the Codax app also includes a geolocation service that gives smartphone users details and directions to nearby forecourts and wash centres.

How it works

Everyone loves mobile apps and carwash customers are no exception. The new Codax Go-Wash app is easy to find and free to download from iTunes or Android’s Play Store. Once installed, it provides a quick, fun way to select and pay for a carwash or jet wash:

  1. Select from a list of participating washes nearby, or go straight to your favourite
  2. Pull up the list of programmes and prices
  3. Select a wash programme or jet wash minutes and conrm your payment
  4. Present your phone to the Codax terminal at the wash bay
  5. Go wash your car!

All the necessary security measures and encryption are in place so Codax Go-Wash can store credit card details, allowing customers to make repeat purchases without re-entering their details.

Rewarding loyalty

To encourage protable repeat business, Codax Go-Wash includes functionality for rewarding your customers’ loyalty. You can congure the system to give reward points depending on how often, at what time and which programmes they buy.

The app shows the customer how many reward points they have collected and allows them to automatically redeem special discounts and loyalty bonus they have earned.

An integral part of Codax Smart-Start

Codax Go-Wash is fully compatible with Codax code access systems. All you need is a Codax customer terminal at the wash bay with the new generation Smart-start™ technology.

Codax Smart-start extends the proven code access system, allowing customers to activate the wash using a smartphone (the Go-Wash App), contactless card (Codax Smartcard), printed barcode or traditional Codax code. Read more about Codax Smart-Start units.

In common with all Codax systems, Go-Wash and Smart-start provide the highest levels of security and reliability, with market-leading ease of use.

For more or information or to discuss your specific requirements, please contact us.

In summary:

  • Promote your wash to iPhone and Android smartphone users
  • Provide a more fun and interactive experience
  • Make life easier for loyal customers