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Forecourt Monitor

Forecourt Monitor

Codax™ Forecourt Monitor™ gives you instant alerts and flexible online reporting, so you can manage more productive, profitable car care installations.

To maximise the profitability of carwash, jet wash and other forecourt equipment, you need good insight into usage as well as details of any downtime and when maintenance is carried out. Installed on almost any piece of equipment, the Codax Forecourt Monitor gathers data from the machine, its access controller or cash mechanism and even its shampoo and wax reservoirs.

Under normal operating conditions, the unit collates operating and maintenance data and sends it back to base overnight. Managers can access the data online through a secure web application, or have daily totals and exception reports sent to them directly. The Codax Forecourt Monitor is also configured to watch for problems and send instant alerts to prompt corrective action. As well as responding to machine downtime, the unit can also recognise unusual periods of inactivity and other signs of potential issues.

Smart monitoring with flexible installation

A Codax Forecourt Monitor can be installed onto almost any vehicle care equipment, old or new, including carwash and jet washes.

Each unit can be configured to monitor and record almost any aspect of your equipment and its usage, including:

  • Service outages and machine faults
  • Levels of shampoo, wax and other consumables
  • Operating and/or ambient temperatures
  • Programme activations, token payments and cash takings
  • Inspection panels opened and cash box removed

Instant alerts to prompt immediate action

If a technical error or problem on the forecourt is losing you revenue, you want to dispatch the right member of staff or contractor to find a rapid solution and restore your revenue stream.

The Codax Forecourt Monitor can send instant alerts to prompt different groups or individuals by text message or email, depending on the event or trigger that has been observed.

As well as reporting faults, the system can be configured to raise an alert if a machine is quiet at a normally busy time and to provide notifications where maintenance is not being carried out properly.

Performance monitoring and analysis

Whether you want to check takings on a machine-by-machine basis, monitor maintenance activities or analyse the impact of promotions in different regions, the online reporting tool can give you quick and easy answers.

It is intuitive to use and allows you to apply filters and advanced sorting to highlight issues, quickly investigate problematic installations and narrow-in on emerging trends.

In addition to the in-built functionality, you can carry out more sophisticated analysis and reporting by exporting data into your preferred spreadsheet package.

Reports for revenue share and service levels

For carwash and other forecourt services that are provided under contract, it can be time-consuming and error-prone when staff have to gather together and distribute the necessary revenue share and service level reports.

With Codax Forecourt Monitor, this manual activity can be eliminated. Instead, all the necessary parties can access the information they need securely online and optionally receive regular reports by email.

For more information about the Forecourt Monitor or to discuss your specific requirements, please contact us.

In Summary:

  • Instant alerts to machine downtime
  • Notification of maintenance issues
  • Secure online reporting for head office
  • Accurate service level and revenue monitoring