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Codax Vtt™

Codax Vtt™

With Codax Vtt™ – Virtual Ticket Terminal – our dedicated off-site server is all you need to issue carwash access codes from any of your points of sale.

With Vtt you can sell carwashes from your web site, from self-service kiosks or even multimedia fuel pumps.

Because Vtt also communicates with all of your carwash controllers, you can keep track of washes and even multi-buy purchases bought and used at different outlets.

The system allows you to configure complex promotions, create product bundles (such as wash-and-vac) and put specific time limits on offers. It is also perfect for rewarding customer loyalty with free or discounted carwashes, with ready-to-use access codes printed on customer mailings or till receipts.

Selling forecourt services anywhere

Any system that is connected to your retail network can be used to sell profitable carwash, jet wash and other forecourt services. This includes your forecourt kiosks, supermarket checkouts, multimedia petrol pumps and your online store.

Vtt can also support purchases and promotions by mobile phone – either through a cut-down web application or using simple text messaging.

Codax Vtt is an online service that connects to your systems over a secure Internet connection. PSD Codax is collaborating with POS equipment manufacturers to simplify integration and build working relationships that streamline support.

Minimizing equipment and maintenance costs

With Codax Vtt there is no additional retail equipment to maintain – all of the program selection and code printing is handled by your existing POS hardware.

Because promotions and price structures are updated directly from head office, using an application running in a web browser, there is no reconfiguration required when you make changes.

All of the carwash controllers on your forecourts communicate with Codax Vtt and are automatically updated with all your program selections, timings and currently valid offers.

Adding flexibility to promotions

With Codax Vtt you can define wash programmes, targeted promotions and limited offers from head office, through a browser-based application.

Codax Vtt supports:

  • Rapid roll-out and optional timed withdrawal of special price promotions and new product configurations
  • Creation of multi-product bundles, buy-one-get-one-free offers, etc.
  • Seamless linking of forecourt services with the collection and redemption of loyalty points
  • Ability to define product qualifiers, such as off-peak periods with multi-use, including full flexibility in discounting some or all service lines
  • Issuing codes for multiple use, valid across groups of stores or your entire retail network
For more or information or to discuss your specific requirements, please contact us.

In summary:

  • Sell forecourt services from any point of sale
  • Control all your product configurations from one central point
  • Profit from highly flexible pricing and promotions