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Codax™ Products

Codax™ is the World’s most successful token-free access control system for carwash and other forecourt equipment.

Our code access system reduces shrinkage and loss for forecourt operators while giving customers quick, easy and reliable access to carwash and valet services.

Codax stands apart from generic controllers and copycat systems. Because PSD Codax supply more systems to more forecourt operators than anyone else we have the resources and expertise to keep several steps ahead of everyone else. So our systems are substantially more reliable in operation, flexible in installation and simple for customers to use.

The same Codax system can control practically all of your forecourt equipment – automatic and self-wash – including carwashes, jet washes, vacuums and tire inflators.

Any new forecourt equipment that you install can be specified with Codax controllers and almost any of your existing equipment can be quickly and cost-effectively upgraded to incorporate the Codax system.

Benefits that go straight to the bottom line

Reducing shrinkage and loss Unlike tokens or old-fashioned wash cards, access codes from Codax are all tracked and can be securely audited by management, so they cannot be lost or misused.
Keeping it simple for your customers Codax is designed to make life easy for your customers. And as we are far and away the world leader, many people are familiar with our systems already.
Technology you can rely upon Codax controllers keep your machines up and running. They are exceptionally reliable, so you maximize revenue and your customers are saved the frustration of jammed mechanisms or system lockups.
Flexible pricing for maximum returns A simple access code from Codax can contain a wealth of information beyond just the wash program. It can also allow multiple washes, restrict usage to off-peak times and support special promotions.
Easily installed wherever needed No matter whether you are fitting out a new site or bringing old equipment up-to-date, Codax has effective retrofit and cable-free installation options.

The Products

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In Summary

  • Maximising your equipment up-time
  • Best for familiar customer experience
  • Codax: Market leader and trusted innovator